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Niels Heusinkveld – Talk & Drive #11. GSC2013 free DLC

Heusinkveld Engineering

Niels Heusinkveld published episode 11 of his Talk & Drive series. In this video he announces that later this year Game StockCar 2013 owners will receive new content for free. With this free DLC for the online driving simulator,comes a 1995 spec V12 Formula One car. The DLC will also feature a 1980s layout of a famous Canadian race circuit, that is of course the “Circuit Gilles Villeneuve” Montreal track.

Thake a look at Niels giving us a preview of the Formula V12 open wheeler in action.  He drives the car around the circuit explaining some of the details of the car and track. It has to be said that the sound of the car is extremely good. Formula one car sounds are not easy to simulate, but the Reiza development team has done an amazing job. Both on and off throttle sounds are very detailed and seem to help the sense of speed and immersion a lot.

Overal, the graphics and sounds of this GSC2013 DLC once more prove that the ISI G-Motor engine can do a great job, and that rFactor never has been used to its full potential. Knowing that the car itself sports physics created by Niels Heusinkveld, can only make a good online driving simulator even better.

(The Formula V12 and Cananda track are a work in progress. In this video Niels Heusinkveld is using a Leo Bodnar Force Feedback wheel.)


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