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Nürburgring GP for rFactor2 – Preview Video

Nürburgring GP for rFactor 2

Mianiak has released a preview video showing us the Nürburgring GP circuit project for rFactor2. He started the project in the end of 2012 planning to do a quick conversion of the rF1 track. As often, thing dot a little more complicated and decided to use the original rFactor Nürburgring merely as a base blueprint. So now Mianiak is rebuilding the entire track, that will result in a 99% scratch build project. Track surface, buildings, terrain and textured are all replaced to bring in up to rF2 standards.

In the second video you can see some of the track model details of the Nürburgring GP project. ( Posted in January ). Because all good thing take their time, a definitive release date is not yet known, but according to Mianiak, it will not be long before the public will be able to race the track in rF2.  It’s nice to see the project evolve into a new scratch build track, and add another quality mod to the rF2 platform .

This all is great news, because lets face it, the rFactor 2 modding scene is still not up to speed for various reasons, but 2014 seems to bring a little more interest and projects to the platform. If we may believe many sim racers out there, the ISI modding system and the user interface that goes with it, is still to much of a hassle for the occasional rFactor2  user. To often we hear the words  ” I could not be bothered.. not straight forward enough… to hard to implement” .  Then again, all things do change over time and so can rFactor 2. With competition from Simbin, Kunos Simulazioni, Slightly Mad Studios and others, the popularity contest within the sim racing scene, has never been more fierce.  The ISI project seemed to lag behind in the graphics and user interface department, making us almost forget what a huge potential the rFactor 2 features have.

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