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One car – One track – Five Simulators – The slightly different Comparison.


We have grown accustomed to comparison videos these days. I dare say, that lately a lot of these videos have become a little to common due to the fact that they are sometimes made for the sake of it.

Now and then somebody tries to breath some life into a concept that looks burned out, and so did  therealPaulaD.  In this video five simulators are being compared by having them on the same track, using the same car, while fading them into each other.

This way, visual and sound differences become much more evident, and make it into a more enjoyable comparison video. In this video therealPaulaD is using the BMW Z4 on Monza using the following Simulators.

  • GTR2: final ( v1.1.0.0 )
  • Assetto Corsa: Early Access 0.4
  • Project CARS – Build 638
  • rFactor: final ( v1255-F )
  • RRRE: Open Beta 2.3


Video by therealPaulaD