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Online Racing Championship – new ingame shots.




Online Racing Championship [ORC]

What is ORC?

ORC is a realistic racing simulator that is based on real world cars using a physics engine that was developed in partnership with a formula 1 team. This means that the simulator has been tried by a team of formula 1 engineers and tested by a formula 1 driver to ensure maximum realism.

It is currently under development.

What are the important features of ORC?

The absolutely most important feature is the accurate, constraint-based Vehicle Dynamics Engine that has been developed by Dr. Gregor Veble.


The network engine has been developed to reduce the effects of lag in order to ensure close and fun racing


An advanced shader based lighting model will bring Tony West’s and Nick Ovey’s amazing models to life, helping you feel part of the action

Rankings / Achievements

There are a number of goals for your to achieve in your racing career, you will able to view your achievements and how you rank against your friends and rivals.  It will all be available without leaving the game!

How much is it to play ORC?

We are planning that ORC will be free to play with the majority of the standard cars and tracks. There will be a number of car upgrades that are available to purchase should you wish to.

When will ORC be available?

We are hoping to have an open beta in 2011 to test that everything works correctly on all sensible hardware and weed out those last few (hopefully!) bugs.



Vehicle Dynamics Engine

Constraint-based accuracy
The vehicle physics engine uses a constraint-based approach which ensures stability and accuracy.  This allows us, for example to place suspension rods with millimetre accuracy when given real-life car data.

Tyre Model

The tyre model takes into consideration the vertical force on the wheel (load), the pressure of the tyre, the camber and can accurately model the deflection of the tyre on the road.  Also heat and wear will be modelled before ORC is released.


The engine is also part of the constraint model, you’ll notice that when you rev the engine, some of the torque is transferred into the chassis causing it to rock.  This kind of tiny effect is something that is automatically a feature of constraint-based system.  It is a small thing but a combination of these small details will add to the overall realism of the simulator.


We have an accurate aero map for the current car we have modelled.  This map gives us accurate downforce and drag data for any wing angle.


As mentioned above, the constraint based system allows us to place suspension rods in the same place as the real car.   This takes the guesswork out of modelling how the wheel will move when under load.  With the constraints in place the real forces upon the wheel can be found accurately and the movement of the wheel will just be like the real thing, giving very accurate handling.


Advanced Physics-based smoothing system
Constraints are used to help make the car appear smooth even with fairly high ping times.  This reduces the effect of lag and means that you can closely compete with drivers from all over the world.

Download Custom Setups and Skins

Custom paint jobs or "skins" for your competitors cars downloaded automatically when you join the server allowing you to see their weird and wonderful creations.  You can also download a competitors car setup with a single click and try it out.  Is it skill or is it setup that is making them quick?!

Challenges and Ranks

 There are a number of challenges to achieve when playing ORC, for example various levels of High Climber where you have to pass a certain number of drivers during a race.


Every time you race your lap-time and quickest sectors will be recorded in our ranking system, you can compare your lap-times / sector times / wins / points with your friends and try to climb the rank.

We are using the excellent Ogre3d graphics engine along with our own lighting system.  Our lighting system brings the racing environment to life.  With real-time reflections and self-shadowing  on the car and a glimmering track in front of you it feels like you are at the race-track.


We use fmod which supports fully 3d positional sounds allowing you to feel like you are in the middle of the action.

Detailed Force Feedback

The physics engine feeds directly into the force feedback system.  This means you will get all the forces generated from the tyre directly to your wheel, you can feel the grip starting to go if you turn too hard or feel the steering get light going over the crest of a hill.  We really recommend a force feedback wheel to get the most out of ORC.

Driver Aids

Love realism, but want to be broke in gently?  No problem!  We have a number of realistic driver aids that have been modelled on real-life equivalents.  We have traction control, which will help you stop spinning under acceleration.  Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) which helps when braking for a corner.  Stability Control which helps reduce spinning during cornering.