Oplite NitroKart Sim Racing Chassis Introduction

Oplite NitroKart Sim Racing Chassis Introduction

First introduced as a prototype at the 2021 ADAC Simracing Expo, the French Oplite company has now officially announced its NitroKart sim racing chassis.

The product is Introduced as the world’s first SimRacing Cockpit for kids and adults. Though I am sure there were others before this one, the NitroKart is a very compact and easily adjustable sim racing chassis that mimics a kart setup. The adjustability does ensure that the unit is useable by both kids and adults.

The chassis frame is built up out of rigid tubing and can be fitted with steering wheels and pedals of the best-known brands such as Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec, Heusinkveld, and more. It is also stated that the NitroKart sim racing chassis is able to withstand the continuous forces of Direct Drive steering wheels and LoadCell pedals.

Oplite NitroKart


  • Accompanied by a flat-bottomed professional fiberglass kart seat, the NitroKart is designed for intensive use thanks to quality materials from real Karting competition. Nitrokart offers exemplary rigidity, notably allowing the use of a Direct Drive wheel and LoadCell pedals.
  • Ø40mm outer tube in 2mm thick carbon steel, matt black; Inner tube Ø35mm in chromed steel 2.5mm thick; Telescopic extension mechanism from 1m to 1,580m without any tools; Quick Clamp-Release System clamps and knobs
  • 2.5mm thick bottom bracket – 4 angles of inclination 0°/+10°/+14°/+18°; usable in inverted position for Heusinkveld, Venim Simtag pedals; 3mm thick bucket support offering 3 tilt positions 0°/+7°/+14°
  • 2mm thick steering wheel stand offers 5 tilt positions -30°/ -15° – 0°/+15°/+30° and height adjustment over a range of 21 cm. The tubular axle also allows an axial pivot (front and rear) for precise adjustment of the steering wheel position. (Depth)
  • 100% Compatible with steering wheels and pedals from the Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec and Hori brands.

The Oplite NitroKart including the fiberglass kart seat will be available on March 21, 2022, for €349.99 + shipping.

Without the seat, the chassis will cost €299.99. + shipping.

The standalone NitroKart professional Fiberglass Karting Bucket Seat is available for €79.99. 

  Official Webpage – oplitegames.com