OverPower Child Rig Introduction

OverPower Child Rig Introduction
OverPower Child Rig

OverPower, is a Finland-based Sim Racing Peripheral company founded by veteran Sim Racer Olli Pahkala. Since 2020 OverPower aimed to produce cost-efficient future-proof esports hardware with superior performance, quality, and aesthetics, at a competitive price.

With popular products such as its Formula and GT style sim racing chassis, OverPower has plenty to offer and surely deserved its spot in the very competitive sim racing chassis market.

Now OverPower introduces a new sim racing rig that is specially designed to accommodate children. The OverPower Child Rig is a scaled-down driving simulator platform that is easy to use, has an eye-catching design, and features a good selection of adjustment options.

The OverPower Child Rig is available via the official web store for €399.00 incl. VAT + shipping. Overpower offers a full manufacturer 2-year warranty.

Optional Accessories:

  • Monitor Mount – €59.00
  • Gaming Platform Tray €49.00
  • Cable Box for Gaming Platform €19.00
  • Shifter- & Handbrake Mount €49.00


  • Driving simulator platform for children aged 3-10
  • Made in Finland, Rovaniemi
  • Premium class materials
    • 10 / 12mm high-pressure laminate (HPL)
    • 2020/3030/3060 aluminum profiles
    • Neoprene padding with fabric finish
  • Height-, angle- and distance-adjustable steering wheel & pedal stand
  • Angle & distance adjustable seat
  • Quick adjustments with aluminum handles and hex bolts
  • High-end integrated accessories
    • Monitor Mount
    • Gaming Platform Tray
    • Cable box for Gaming Platform
    • Shifter- & Handbrake Mount
  • Aesthetic design



  • Logitech
    • G923/G29/G920/G27/G25
    • Driving Force GT
  • Thrustmaster
    • T500RS
    • TS-PC
    • TS-XW
    • T300
    • T-GT
    • T150/T150 Pro
    • TX
    • T80
    • Ferrari 458 Spider
  • Fanatec
    • CSL Elite Series
    • CSL DD Series
    • ClubSport Series
    • Podium DD1
  • Granite Devices
    • Simucube 2 Sport (with optional adapter)
  • MiGE etc. DD wheelbases (with optional adapter)


  • Heusinkveld
    • Pro
    • Sprint
  • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals (V1/2/3/3i)
  • Fanatec Elite Pedals (& Load Cell Kit)
  • Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
  • Fanatec CSL Pedals LC
  • Thrustmaster
    • T3PA
    • T3PA Pro
    • TX Pedals
    • T-LCM
  • Logitech Pedals

Official Webpage – overpower.gg

OverPower Child Rig