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Over at No-Grip Ducfreak announced the total list of confirmed cars for P&G v3, with the new cars on red font. There will also be some few more cars (skins) included for 60's models that were already in P&G v2. The previous version cars have also been updated, improved and seen corrections for the upcoming version 3.0. There are plenty more cars planned for later as updates ("official P&G add-ons") but, even if work for those has been started, none can be confirmed at this point. Read More
Over the last few weeks, Slightly Mad Studios shown you how the virtual version of the 2011 BAC Mono for Project CARS comes to life at the hand of their talented vehicle artists. Today’s the final time they take a look at the progress as the pre-alpha version of the car is on the verge of being ready for its first virtual drive. The next time you`ll be meeting the BAC Mono will be when it makes its debut in Project CARS. You want to be the first in line to giveRead More
NEW MP4-12C GT3 SET FOR COMPETITIVE WORLD RACING DEBUT AS McLAREN GT ANNOUNCES 2012 RACE PLANS from McLaren Automotive 25 new MP4-12C GT3 cars to race across Europe and in FIA GT1 World Championship in 2012 Full list of McLaren GT customer teams and race series entries now confirmed McLaren MP4-12C sports car selected as safety car for FIA GT1 World Championship race at Nogaro on 8-9 April Read More
Milestone and Black Bean Games have released the very first trailer which showcases the upcoming SBK™GENERATIONS. The video provides a quick rundown of the game's amazing features throughout the Generations! Developed by Milestone, a respected and established Italian software developer specialising in racing games and published worldwide by Black Bean Games, SBK™GENERATIONS is due out in May 2012 for Xbox360, PS3 and PC Read More
There’s no slowing this week as Build 184 of Project CARS, hits your PC. As usual, there are loads of new updates, tweaks and fixes to be tested, so get behind the wheel and check out Build 184. Read the full release notes... Read More
Have a look at a video Showing the old NASCAR The Game 2011 Bristol track Vs the new and improved 2012 version. No NTG2012 release date has been known yet, but Activision, Eutechnyx’s publisher will soon announce that. Here and there, screenshots and video´s start to emerge. Lets have a look at some preview material. Read More
Entropyxel is working on the famous TOP GEAR Dunsfold track. The track ismade from scratch and will include 7 differents layouts The Top Gear Test Track layout you all know from the show, will be the first release. Read More
Quote Press Release: In the light of the continuous evolution of the games industry, the Swedish game developer SimBin Studios AB has gone through several important changes over the last year. These changes are influencing the development philosophy of the company, as well as its game publishing strategies. SimBin Studios has evolved significantly over the last year. Strong investments have led to the employment of new and experienced developers from all over the world, a new state of the art office as well as new projects currently in the making. Read More
Kunos Simulazione shows us some more previews of the classic driver with helmet. The background on this presentation shot, shows us a laser scan of the historic Monza banking. You need authentic safety equipment and a proper car for doing 300km/h on the banking... Read More
We all know Forza Motorsport 4 sports a great set of features when talking about visuals. Further more there is a great relationship between those visuals and the actual physics. Lets have a look. This video, put together by testdrive426, shows us how articulated thesuspension mechanics actually are, and in slow motion no less, which is always awesome. Read More
The Type S wheel's design has been born of a desire to manufacture a high end, simulator quality wheel that has all the functions and build quality of a real race wheel, but at a much more realistic cost. Based on a real, race legal, alloy framed 'formula' wheel that is then heavily modified by us to fit the G25 and to accommodate our especially designed plate. The Type S wheel features the 'Formula wheel' itself, an SLI-Pro display, six momentary buttons, plus 2 more shielded buttons/switches at the topRead More
This car, called Montecarlo BRC, is a GT car which runs in the 2012 Endurance Champions Cup. The car has been developed by BRC Racing Team. This is the racing area of BRC Gas Equipement, a very important italian company, leader in manufacturing and trading automotive LPG and CNG conversion systems. The car has a 6 liters Audi W12 engine that can produce about 540 BHP and it's powered by a LPG system. Read More