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A while ago Bjorn Klaassen started work on his TrackMaker tool for modders, TrackMaker is a high quality tool to aid in the creation of tracks Today, Bjorn uploaded a new preview video of the new functions coming to the tool. Read More
Today 19_Bozzy_92 recorded the new Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro during a test day at Monza Circuit, in Italy. Unfortunately Bozzy could not film the car at full performanse because of the really bad weather conditions. The car is powered by a V6 turbo diesel engine which can produce more than 500 BHP. The e-Tron Quattro is also a hybrid. While the V6 engine drives the rear wheels, the kinetic energy recovered in braking phase is stored, as electric energy, in accumulators. Read More
Since Bathurst is going through major change, JonZ66 decided to take an old Shift 2 Mount Panorama archive and put them side to side to check out the differences. The Car Jonz66 used in pCARS was the Gumpert Apollo and the Shift 2 car was a work kit Toyota Supra. Read More
Last couple of days I visited the Gran Turismo Events on the Nurburgring. Koenigsegg Norway also enjoyed this great event with their Official Test Car 7031 Streetfighter and the World Record Car Agera R. When the awesome 1115 HP Koenigsegg Agera R passed the pit lane on Döttinger Höhe on Thursday everyone was amazed by the speed of the car. Using the whole 3.5 kilometer straight, the Koenigsegg logged a "quite impressive" 401.6 km/h before braking before the bridge at Tiergarten. The Agera R has a normal Koenigsegg road setup, wasRead More
Sim Racing Review´s Doug Meyer checks out the Sim-Gear Lightning SST Shifter. The Lightning SST™ was engineered specifically for simulated racing. Designed by professionals to be used by professionals. This shifter uses a real ball & socket design, found in many standard shift automobiles, and offers a true H-style gate pattern with 8 gear positions. Ready out of the box with complete plug 'n play USB windows compatibility, so no extra hardware or software is needed. Read More
The " Silver Dash" is a special dash has build to a customer specification / design. It features Autometer analogue gauges, 3 LCD screens, gear indicator and digital speedometer as well as dual shift light arrays and a custom LED Pedal position gauge. The dash itself is custom made from 3mm thick, brushed stainless steel as are the bezels. Read More
Reiza Studios released a new teaser shot of the Chevrolet Sonic on the Autódromo Internacional de Tarumã track. Back on March 13, Reiza Studio announced a future update release to the 2012 season of Game Stock Car Complete with all the new cars and rules, and a lot more. Renewed visuals, new content, and the best of it? Free for all owners of the original Game Stock Car! Read More
The well known IndyCar Dario Franchitti driver tests the virtual 2012 IndyCar on the SimRaceway platform. The sim rig appears to be D-Box motion powered. Its always nice to see a celeb have good fun in a Simulator. A few virtual laps after all the pressure of driving the real Indy monster, cant hurt. Read More
Project CARS. BAC Mono showcase at Conneticut Hill. Logitech driving force GT. In this video the time and weather cycle is sped up 60 times to show you the sunset and sundown. Video by TheChecho44 Read More
After a fairly silent period as far as news of this beautifull kart sim is concerned, the project seems to spring to life again. The sim has been in the making for five years now, and on and off their have been some development pauses. A few new shots appeared on the official facebook page, and forum discussions seemed t0 pick up again on the Racedepartment Website. Read More
Positive results in the opening event of the European FIA GT3 Championship. At Nogaro (France) the AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia pushed strongly in both race 1 and race 2. Stefano Gai-Michael Lyons duo took the double chequered flag in second and third position (race 1 Sunday, race 2 Monday). The Italian and British young drivers are at their debut in the hard FIA GT3 Championship but they are showing a great potential on the “Rossa” #51. The championship now moves to the Belgian circuit of Zolder for the second roundRead More
WRT made it two out of two in the 2012 season , when Stephane Ortelli and Laurens Vanthoor claimed victory in the first Championship race of the season, at Nogaro, in France. Frank Stippler and Oliver Jarvis taking second. The final podium place went to Tomas Enge and Albert von Thurn und Taxis in the Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo No.24 Read More