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One of the names in Sim Racing video creation " DigiProst" created a "Tracks of the world" video using Project CARS. He started of with the German Hockenheim track. Something tells me we will see some more DigiProst track review videos soon. Read More
GT1 Qualifying Session Nagaro, France - Official Watch Again | GT World 07-04-12 BsimRacing will have a LIVE STREAM up for Race1 on Sunday and Race 2 on Monday. Accompanied by the needed info and links to race data. The FIA GT1 World Championship is a world championship sports car racing series developed by the SRO Group and regulated by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). Read More
The American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patron welcomes the return of the SRT Viper. Take a look back at the history of the Dodge Viper in the American Le Mans Series. Read More
Fanatic wants to include your opinion in the future wheel rimsdevelopment for the ClubSport wheel. They are currently working on four rims of which two of them have been announced already. They would like to encourage you to let them know what rims you like most and what functions they should have. Read More
After the Racing Renders initial F1 Force India rendering tutorial, he now has a new one with the 2010 Renault Megane Eurocup. Here we again go from rFactor game model to final render and create our own simple studio to render it in. As well as delving into a little extra detail, he also does some basic asset modelling and add a corporate logo to the subtle reflective floor. Read More
Quote: ORC is a realistic racing simulator that is based on real world cars using a physics engine that was developed in partnership with a formula 1 team. It is currently under development. For progress news, please check the official website. Read More
After the first set was released this morning, the Kunos Simulazioni Team posted a second set of stunning Monza previews. This second set is even more stunning then the previous one. It shows you detailed screenshots of the buildings, and close up track details. Assetto Corsa is certainly one of the projects to keep in sight. Read More
Mercedes Benz C63 AMG SuperStars V8. This car races in the 2012 International Superstars V8 Series. Listen to its awesome sound with lots of accelerations, loud fly bys and downshifts on the track! Read More
The Chevy doing some laps at Kansas Speedway . Development of the Chevy SilveradoTruck is moving quickly toward a final release version, as all Oval Tracks are now in the software and only road courses left to do which is far easier for physics. Currently we have phyiscs to dial in on four of the remaining ovals which will be done very soon. Read More
The Kunos Simulazioni Team released another set of stunning Monza previews. The graphics style of the sim seems to be one of the more interesting we have witnessed in the last few years. Assetto Corsa is certainly one of the projects to keep in sight. Read More
In this video you can watch a few Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge cars in action on the track during a test at the Italian Monza Circuit. You can hear the beautiful and loud sound of the V8 engine and you can also witness the brake discs heating up white hot in the braking zones. Like its road-going counterpart, the 458 Challenge is powered by a 4497cc direct-injection V8 producing 570 horsepower at 9,000rpm. However, a number of changes have been made to prepare the 458 Challenge for its track duties. Read More
Slightly Mad Studios have released the newest weekly build of Project CARS, giving Junior members the chance to catch up with the developments of the past four weeks. The new build is packed to the brim with new content, including two new cars and no less than 12 new tracks that have been added since the last Junior release. Build 189 marks the first chance for Juniors to try the Palmer Jaguar JP-LM and the stunning 2011 Bac Mono. While one is a lightweight and nimble track day race car, the otherRead More