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PEIN Gear Mount Solution For Office Chair Racers

PEIN Gear Mount Solutions

PEIN Gear Mount Solution For Office Chair Racers

Not everyone has the opportunity or room space to use a dedicated sim-racing chassis. Often this results in having to use a wheel clamped to an existing desk, which works fine. The pedals, however, could rapidly become frustrating to use in a non-fixed position as they tend to move when forces are applied. For most people it’s easy enough to come up with a creative solution to keep the pedals from sliding, however, this does introduce a new problem when using an office chair fitted with wheels, as the chair will usually move backward when hitting the brake.

This is were the PEIN Pedal Mount might be a very practical solution. PEIN retails a metal frame which lets you conveniently secure your pedals and office chair by means of a rail. Two versions are available. The standard version and the Height up Edition. (The Height up Edition includes a Basic Edition and a height upping add-on kit.

The cross-rails for mounting the pedals are very configurable and can be put in almost any position to accommodate most pedal sets on the market such as Thrustmaster, Logitec, Fanatec, and more.


  • Standard Edition – $110.00
  • Height up Edition – $185.00

Pein Gear Mount states that the shipping is free, though we can not confirm that this is the case worldwide.


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About the products

  • PEIN’s Pedal Mount will solve problems you’ve struggled with ever since you bought your pedals. With Pedal Mount you can do heel&toe freely and push the pedals as hard as you like. (Note: The standard edition does not include the Height up add-on.)
  • Pedal Mount works exactly and it is very sturdy when assembled. Pedals fixed on the pedal mount perform the way they were meant to, they don’t move and they don’t tip over. Once the chair is in the U-profile the pedals will not move, neither forwards, backward nor sideways.
  • Pedal Mount will fit all pedals on the market such as Thrustmaster, Logitec, Fanatec, MFG etc. The frames and cross-rails for mounting pedal are very configurable and can be put in almost any position.
  • Pedal Mount doesn’t take up a lot of space. The extension frames connecting to the chair can be folded up which reduces the footprint considerably when stowed. When fully disassembled it’s extremely compact.
  • Pedal Mount also can be configured to equip various additional options such as Height upping add-on, Reverse pedal kit, Center-stick mount for flight sim games. You also can do DIY easily with extra screw taps and bolt holes in various parts of the product.
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PEIN Gear Mount Solution

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