POLOLO Instruments – New Porsche 919 LMP Hybrid replica wheel Video

Porsche 919 LMP Hybrid replica wheel

Back in October 2018, we already reported that POLOLO Instruments aka master wheel rim designer Leopoldo Ramirez was working on a new masterpiece custom sim racing steering rim.

At the time, Leopoldo is building a high-quality replica of the Porsche 919 LMP Hybrid endurance steering wheel. The wheel features an LCD screen, 16 multi-Colour LEDs, no less than 15 industry-grade push buttons, 5 rotary encoders, and a magnetic snap-action paddle shifter and clutch assembly. The wheel electronics are connected to the PC via an industrial-grade DIN connector/USB  cable with a twist lock. 

Now Leopoldo posted a new video, officially introducing this handmade masterpiece, which could be the main attraction of your sim racing setup.

At first introduction, the Porsche 919 LMP Hybrid replica wheel was on sale for 1950€ + shipping. At the moment we have no official price, so contact Leopoldo directly if interested, or leave us a message in the comment section, and we will make sure your request gets forwarded.
Keep in mind that these wheels are custom built. therefore potential buyers. could end up on a long waiting list.

 Custom High-Quality Steering Wheels By Leopoldo Ramirez

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