POLOLO Instruments V8 Supercars Steering Wheel Review by Floeb

POLOLO Instruments V8 Supercars Steering Wheel

POLOLO Instruments V8 Supercars Steering Wheel Review by Floeb

Bsimracing regulars will without a doubt be familiar with the name Leopoldo Ramirez. Under the label POLOLO Instruments, Leopoldo is close to famous for hand building high-quality custom sim racing steering wheels.

Flo Pernon AKA Floeb now reviews the POLOLO Instruments V8 Supercars Steering Wheel. after a detailed description of the wheel, Floeb fires up iRacing to test the wheel at the Australian Bathurst track driving the Ford Falcon V8 Supercar.

This custom-made POLOLO V8 Supercars Replica Wheel is built around an Alcantara grip Sparco P310 Competition Steering Wheel with a 310mm diameter.  The entire wheel build, weights 1,9kgs including the high-quality Quick-Release unit from ThomConcept.

The wheel hub is a CNC machined out of high-density PVC treated with a vinyl paint finish. Both the wheel-plate and display housing are cut out of a 2mm thick carbon plate. The custom wheel plate is fitted with 13 C&K  pushbuttons, 1  and 2 Sparco P310 push buttons and 2 CNC machined turn/push rotary encoders. The rotary units feature engraved/painted inscriptions for that extra detailed look.

The wheel is fitted with a 4.3 inch LCD screens which can run both the Z1 Software or the SR-Hardware G-Force Software. Furthermore, Leopoldo has integrated a set of quality magnetic switch paddle shifters made out of 2mm thick carbon, neatly nested in a CNC machined high-density PVC casing. All the electronics are connected to the PC using a 1.50m high-quality coiled USB cable.

The POLOLO Instruments V8 Supercars Steering Wheel can be purchased on demand for €1400 + shipping. To get in contact with Leopoldo, just leave a message in the comment section, or send us a mail.

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