Porsche Hall of Legends VR Experience Coming Soon

Porsche Hall of Legends VR Experience Coming Soon

Back in 2017, Porsche AG partnered with the German United Digital Group (UDG) Ludwigsburg and Nerdindustries media companies to start developing a unique Porsche VR experience that could be used for marketing purposes and to specifically promote the Porsche Formula E 2020 campaign via an international VR roadshow.

The new VR  was first premiered at the 24h race in Le Mans, and in 2019, the “Hall of Legends” experience made it to the finals at the VR Awards in the category “VR Marketing of the Year”. It now seems that Porsche is going to release the VR experience to the public.

While this is not exactly a simulation game, we are sure many sim racing and motorsport fans will appreciate the effort and enjoy this adventure style game that will introduce users into the long motorsport history of the famous Porsche brand as the application will highlight the history of a number of legendary Porsche vehicles and the people associated with them.

The Porsche Hall of Legends VR Experience will become available via the dedicated Steam page.

Porsche Hall of Legends Porsche Formula E


The Hall of Legends is an exciting VR brand experience based on momentous stories: Witness iconic moments from the history of Porsche Motorsport, discover the secrets behind the success of Porsche, and collect the Porsche DNA to unlock the new Porsche Formula E car.


From the past into the future


The main components of the Hall of Legends are five vehicles that symbolize Porsche’s decades of success and demonstrate Porsche’s innovative character. The vehicles Egger Lohner C.2 Phaeton (1894), 550 Spyder (1954), 917 (1970), Tag Turbo (engine; 1981) and 919 Hybrid (2018) can be virtually explored. Each vehicle offers you information and anecdotes, together with an influential individual from the respective era.


On top you can “relive” iconic moments from Porsche Motorsport history e.g. like waving the checkered flag, while standing on the Le Mans racetrack as the Porsche 917 crosses the finish line to perform the first overall victory at Le Mans in 1970.


Or you can become the co-driver in the 550 Spyder at the Mille Miglia 1954, where Hans Herrmann and Herbert Linge ducked away under a railway barrier at the last moment and thus escaped the approaching train.


Find out how these and other stories are related to Porsche’s numerous victories. As a reward, you will get an insight into the future of Porsche Motorsport: the new Porsche Formula E vehicle.


And not to forget: Meet Ferry, the virtual Archivist, keeper of all knowledge from 70 years of Porsche.

Porsche Hall of Legends VR Experience