Pro Sim Rig PSR1 Review By Chris Haye

Pro Sim Rig PSR1 Review By Chris Haye

Avid Sim Racer and YouTube content creator Chris Haye reviews the PSR1 Aluminum T-slotted profile chassis by the Danish Pro Sim Rig company.

The PSR1 Rig is designed to provide maximum flexibility as you evolve your driving skills and experience new styles and requirements in sim racing. You can start with a basic rig, then acquire additional add-ons and accessories later.

The highly adjustable design of the PSR1 Rig allows you to assemble the product to fit your individual needs. The PSR1 Rig can be adjusted more or less on every aspect both horizontally as well as vertically.

The PSR1 Rig has 3 versions: High, Medium, and Low.  The difference being how high the seat is mounted in comparison to the height of the pedals. Low version: Seat low, pedals high. This simulates the feeling of driving a formula car, while the High version: Seat high, pedals low, simulates the feeling of driving a GT car. A low or medium version can always be altered to a high version, with an additional upgrade kit.

Pro Sim Rig PSR1

The Pro Sim Rig PSR1 is available starting at €664,00 + shipping, depending on the selected configuration and options.

PSR1 Rig contains a base section, vertical section, wheel section (of your choice) and pedal section with adjustable pedal plate . Corner brackets, bolts, nuts etc. are included. The chassis is available as a Grey anodized or Black anodized version.


  • PC Stand – €139.00
  • Side Mount – €35.00
  • Floor Mats – €49.00
  • Adjustable Feet – PSR1 Rig – €49.00
  • Seat height upgrade kit – €24.00
  • Keyboard Tray – €69.00
  • Mouse tray – €24.00
  • Cup Holder – €12.00
  • Mouse mat – €9.00