Pro-Simu – Professional Active Seat Belt Tensioner System Available

Pro-Simu - Professional Seat Belt Tensioner System Available
Pro-Simu - Professional Seat Belt Tensioner System

The French company, best known for its high-end ProSimu motion simulator chassis, has launched a new product in the form of the ProSimu Active Seat belt tensioner.

A seat belt tensioner in sim racing is an add-on device that enhances the immersive experience by simulating the feeling of being held in place during racing/driving maneuvers, by receiving data from the sim racing software about the car’s movements, such as braking, acceleration, and lateral G-forces.

Based on the received data, the tensioner applies a controlled pull on the seat belt, mimicking the sensation of being pressed against the seat during these maneuvers. When the system is fast enough, it can simulate the body’s natural reaction to G-forces, and can therefore help drivers perceive the car’s behavior more accurately, potentially leading to improved control and lap times.

The new pro-grade Active Seat Belt Tensioner is exclusively compatible with the ProSimu P5MP, P7MP, T1000 5 Motion, T1000 7 Motion, T5 Pro and T7 Pro platforms. It is the first professional Active Seat Belt to make use of a fast, precise, and strong Actuator. The seat belt system can move at 200mm/sec which results in a very accurate, detailed, and lifelike seat belt feel when racing.

Due to the speed of the powerful and super-silent ProSimu PRS 50 actuator, this active belt tensioner is the only one available on the market able to tension both a 2 or 4-point harness, with the shoulder and each side of the seat tightening at the same time.

The Plug and play Pro-Simu Seat Belt tensioner is controlled via the excellent ProSimu Simtools V3 Motion Software.

The Pro-Simu Active Seat Belt Tensioner is available via the official Pro-Simu webstore:

  • Europe – €1665.00 excl. VAT + shipping.
  • USA/Canada – US$ 1665.00 $ excl. VAT + shipping.

Official Webpage –