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Project CARS 2 – Built by Drivers – Featuring Nic Hamilton

Project CARS 2 - Built by Drivers – Featuring Nic Hamilton

Project CARS 2 – Built by Drivers – Featuring Nic Hamilton

Slightly Mad Studios and Mercedes Benz introduce a new “Built by Drivers” trailer featuring Nic Hamilton. The younger half-brother of Formula One star Lewis Hamilton did some motor racing of his own and is currently a handling consultant at Slightly Mad Studios working on Project CARS 2.

Project CARS 2 features no less than 13 Mercedes Benz car models. In the real world, Mercedes Benz offers its customers and partners a Driving experience in northern Sweden’s Sorsele, close to the Artic Circle. For these official Winter Driving Events, Mercedes uses four different temporary ice tracks on a frozen lake, designed by Formula 1 track architect Hermann Tilke.

In project CARS 2, players will be able to drive their virtual cars on these exiting ice tracks which are recreated in superb detail. In this latest trailer, Nicolas Hamilton, and Chief Driving instructor Wolfgang Muller fill us in on some of the details, regarding this exciting feature.

Project CARS 2 the ‘ultimate driver journey’ will become available 22nd September 2017 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam OS. On the consoles, PCars 2 will go head to head with upcoming heavyweights such as Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport.

In addition to the standard version, Slightly Mad Studios also gives you the option of pre-ordering three different premium versions through retail stores, being the Limited Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Ultra Edition. All the Premium editions include exclusive content and come in a premium-packaged Steelbook case. While it is not yet officially confirmed, it has been rumored that these limited editions will only be available in Europe.

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