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Project Cars 2 Gameplay Video – Manual Pit-stop

Exploring the race setting in Project CARS 2

Project Cars 2 Gameplay Video – Manual Pit-stop

Russian YouTuber Роман Кулакович posted an interesting video showing us some more game-play videos showcasing the upcoming Project CARS 2 racing title by Slightly Mad Studios.

The top video shows us a manual pit-stop sequence driving the BMW M1 ProCar. The bottom video showcases the Project CARS 2 dynamic weather system and day to night transitions. During an endurance race at the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps track driving the Audi R8 LMS  GT3, it starts to rain, after which the player decides to perform a manual pit-stop.  

It is clear that Project CARS 2 will feature some of the most impressive visuals, yet seen in the world of simulated racing. If all the other features match the visual quality, Slightly Mad Studios will have a winner on their hands.

Project CARS 2 will allow drivers to manually control their vehicle and maneuver it into the pit-box. If you come in too hot and miss your box, you’ll need to reposition your car. Drivers, meanwhile, who prefer to sit back and let the game’s AI take control while in the pit-lane will be given the option to do so too in race settings.

Pit stops in Project CARS 2 are now fully animated. Motion capture technology was used to replicate the human actions that take place during a pit-stop. 3D character models will now run around your car and complete tyre changes and fuel refills just like real-life pit crews.

The biggest challenge in creating this fully dynamic and beautifully realized animation was in capturing all the required body movements that take place in the many varied motorsport series featured in Project CARS 2, and their associated pit-stop rules. For example, some series allow tyre changes and fuel refills to happen simultaneously, whilst others must see tyre changes completed before fuel can be put into the car. You will experience pit-stops precisely as they occur in the real-world motorsport discipline you have chosen to run.

Project CARS 2 the ‘ultimate driver journey’ will become available September 22 – 2017 for the PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam OS.


  • Licensed Cars: There are more than 170 licensed cars from the world’s most recognizable brands.
  • Track Roster: More than 40 tracks including Daytona, LeMans, and the Mazda Raceway
  • New Vehicle Types: Rallycross, IndyCars and Oval racers arrive in this year’s version.
  • Visual Enhancements and Track Conditions: PC2 will support VR, 12K, 21:9 and triple-screen support. It will also feature a dynamic time of day, weather and new seasonal conditions
  • esports Compatability: PC2 will also be esports-ready from launch. Full ranking ad broadcasting/streaming functionality
  • Online Components: New online championships will help to augment the competitive scene.
  • Gameplay Enhancements: LiveTrack 3.0 delivers dynamic surface conditions that impact vehicle performance, as well as track evolution. there’s also new bleeding-edge tire physics, improved AI, and gamepad controls.
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