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Project CARS 2 Leaked in-game Screenshots

Project CARS 2 Leaked in-game Screenshots


Project CARS 2 Leaked in-game Screenshots

It is no secret that Slightly Mad Studios are working on the sequel of their Project CARS title for the PC and current-gen consoles. However, the British developer has kept all info regarding the work on Project CARS 2 very quiet. Also on the media front, only a handful of preview screens were revealed since the start of the development.

Now the Polish website has leaked a batch of in-game WIP version Project CARS 2 screenshots giving us an insite of things to come from behind the walls of the SMS stronghold.

Recently, Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell confirmed that the game development now reached its Quality Assurance Process stage and that it would take a minimum of seven months to iron out the known bugs and make sure the game is of a quality that is ready for release. That would make it September at the earliest. Taking into account that most titles under development overun there initial release date estimate, it is probable to suggest that we are looking at a release date closer to the end of 2017.

Project CARS 2 will eventually become available for the PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam OS.

During the RedBull5G National e-Sports tournament final at the Birmingham Library, Tom Brooks interviewed Slightly Mad Studios’ Creative Director, Andy Tudor. Andy talked about the Birmingham eSports event and shared some info regarding the future of eSports on Project Cars and Project CARS 2.

Regarding the future of the Slightly Mad Studios racing game, Andy stated that Project CARS 2 will have all the required e-Sports features such as broadcast and organization functionality embedded in the game from day one. Andy also confirmed they will be working with ESL which is the is the largest professional eSports organization company in the world.

Project CARS 2 is the follow up of the very popular Project Cars racing simulator/game developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The original Project Cars title was released in May 2015 for PC (Steam) PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Slightly Mad Studios studios are now working on the follow-up Project CARS 2 title. At this time there is not yet an official release date confirmed.

Game Features:
Building upon the huge success of Project CARS being one of the highest-rated and fastest-selling racing games of this generation, Project CARS 2 continues to expand and dominate with…
  • THE LARGEST TRACK ROSTER EVER – 50 unique locations and 200+ courses including ‘loose surface racing’ on dirt, gravel, mud, and snow. All will have dynamic time of day and weather allowing you to play anytime, anywhere
  • THE WIDEST VARIETY OF MOTORSPORTS with 8 different disciplines now including Rallycross, Hillclimbs, and Touge. 200+ cars from over 40 different vehicle classes including never-before-seen Concepts and Banned Race Cars
  • CO-OP CAREER – Play as the Teammate Driver, Spotter, Driver Swap, or Co-Pilot. More choices, more opportunities, more strategy, greater risks and greater rewards
  • SEAMLESSLY CONNECTED – Socialize and compete via Online Track Days, have players from around the world take the place of AI-controlled drivers in your solo play, and get news updates on the Driver Network around you
  • PRO ESPORTS RACING – Skill & Behavioural-based matchmaking, create your own Online Racing Seasons, and Live Broadcast and Spectator functionality
  • YOUR HOME FOR RACING – Your own personal, customizable Test Track to tune and test your cars. Invite others to showcase your passion for racing and learn race craft and engineering with the Project CARS Academy
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