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Project CARS – 2016 McLaren 688HS Released

Project CARS - 2016 McLaren 688HS Released

Pcars - 2016 MCLAREN 688HS

Project CARS – 2016 McLaren 688HS Released

In celebration of LamboMantisMan23’s birthday, the Machine Dojo Modding team has released the McLaren 688HS mod for Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios.

The MD modding team worked hard to make the 3D model look as good if not better than the officially included Pcars content. The 3D model now features Ambient Occlusion for that added visual realism. Furthermore, the team is also working on a damage model of the 688HS that will be added to the mod in a future update.

McLaren 688HS

Every year, McLaren has released a new model or a new variation of a previous one. The McLaren 688HS (High Sport) is basically a faster and lighter version of the McLaren 675 LT and features a reworked aero kit, roof scoop, and a 650S GT3 rear wing. The mid-engined, rear wheel drive 688HS is powered by a 3.8-liter V8 DOHC Twin-Turbo engine that puts out 688 ps (679 bhp / 506 kw). McLaren has build 25 units of the supercar which where prety much sold imidiatly. The 688HS cars were specially commissioned to customers who already were associated with the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) platform.


Mod Credits:

  • 3D Model – Zen_Imogen / LMM23 / Robillard3381
  • Conversion – LMM23
  • Liveries/Conversion – Robillard3381
  • Physics – Didouc
  Official Webpage –


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