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Project CARS – Aston Martin Track Expansion Now Available

Project CARS Aston Martin Track Expansion

Project CARS – Aston Martin Track Expansion Now Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new monthly “On Demand” series Project CARS DLC pack. This time SMS introduces the Aston Martin Track Expansion. This DLC contains three new cars and a new track called Mojave.

And it does not stop there. The Aston Martin Track also brings you the next Free Project Cars vehicle. The classic 1952 Mercedes 300SL (W194) – and grab the third pack of Community Liveries that includes five real-life Zakspeed Capri Group 5 designs as well as the official Project CARS SMS-R livery sported in real-life by the Marc Cars Australia team in the International Endurance Series.”

The Aston Martin Track Expansion DLC for PC is on sale for €5.49 on the dedicated Steam platform.

Included cars:

  • 1959 Aston Martin DBR1
  • 2009 Aston Martin DBR1-2 LMP
  • 2014 Aston Martin Vantage GTE
  • 1952 Mercedes 300SL (Free Car)

The Project CARS Mojave track is a private testing ground secluded in the wilderness of Nevada. The Mojave circuit comprises of five race layouts and a special open Test Track layout allowing players to freely practice and test their car’s performance/handling via Banked Oval, Drag Strip, Hillclimb, Skid Pan, and Tight Corner sections.

The Mojave track features six layouts:

  • Boa Ascent
  • Cougar Ridge
  • Coyote NooseGila
  • Crest
  • Mojave Test Track
  • Sidewinder

Both the Aston Martin Vantage GTE and DBR 1-2 can be used in career with brand-new contracts that further expand your possibilities, whilst three new invitational events take you to Mojave.

invitational events

Boa Ascent Challenge – A single race around a hill-climb style track

  • Date – June 4th
  • Location – Mojave Boa Ascent
  • Unlock Criteria – Win the LMP3 US Rookie Cup

Coyote Noose Showdown – A single race event

  • Date – July 15th
  • Location – Mojave Coyote Noose
  • Unlock Criteria – Win the Formula C US Series

Mojave Trifauna Trophy – A three round trophy series

  • Date – July 29th
  • Location – Mojave Sidewinder, Gila Crest, Cougar Ridge
  • Unlock Criteria – Win the GT4 US Trophy

New motorsport contracts:

Class – LMP1

  • Vehicle – Aston_Martin_DBR1-2
  • Team – TeamSBV

Class – GT3

  • Vehicle – Aston_Martin_Vantage_GTE
  • Team – Marionette
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