Project CARS – BMW Z4 GT3 Sound Demo.


Lately Slightly Mad Studios is pushing the bar on sound and audio immersion for their Project CARS title. 
Sounds are about 50% of the immersion when driving a game or sim, yet the last few years, not much progress has been made in the aural part of the games/sims we are using.

While iRacing and Simbin´s Raceroom Racing Experience clearly realised the importance of sound simulation, other titles seem to be uninterested in it.
The rFactor 2 (dev version) and Gran Turismo 5 and (6 demo) spring to mind when it comes to very disappointing or even inexistent sound development improvements. Lets hope that these titles try to keep up with the competition by the time they go gold.

InfectiousGore posted a video showing and lets us listen to the sound of the BMW Z4 GT3  sound development in progress on the Project CARS platform. Impressive to say the least.

Project CARS is a game developed by Slightly Mad Studio (creator of Shift series and GTR). Based on realistic physics and outstanding graphics. As this project is at the initial stage of development, all seen footage is pre-alpha.This project is currently funded by SMS under World Mass Development. WMD is a platform that let the community join the project as investors and tester.


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