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A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out, introducing a whole new form of motorsport to the quickly-developing simulation.

Alongside plenty of other fixes, improvements and features, the newest build adds the 1990 Caper Stock Car to Project CARS, allowing members to experience some good old fashioned American stock car racing.

While Project CARS already offers a wide variety of cars from road-going sports cars to high tech formula machinery, the Caper Stock Car is the perfect toys for those who believe that rubbing is very much a part of good racing. Powered by a mighty V8 engine, the big & heavy stock car provides a very different driving experience compared to the much more nimble and downforce-dependent cars most members are used to.

To provide a full field of colorful stock cars to race with, we`ve also kicked off a livery painting contest as everyone is invited to paint up his personal favorite design using the supplied painting template.

Aside from the brand new stock car, Build 197 includes lots of other features and improvements such as:

New versions of various cars & tracks
Improved version of the new helmet cam that was introduced last week
New version of the TweakIt tool
Improved FSAA & SMAA support and much more.. 

Build 197 (20/4/12, Team Member+)

Known Issues: Helmet rendering is broken in DX9

  • Add menu options for helmet cam FOV and quick race rolling start.
  • Helmet position adjustment for latest art
  • Updated layout of Fanatec SDK
  • Added in a new hdr scale for the cockpit bloom when using the helmet camera
  • Helmet shadow fix – no more using modified cameras with dodgy depth values
  • Add QR specific race manager files and limit rolling starts to tracks explicitly allowing it
  • Support for SMAA S2X in DX11
  • FXAA and SMAA can now be toggled on and off
  • TweakIt : Fixes a problem when sliders/values are updated after a connect has been lost, on reconnecting the queued values were sent to the new game app causing invalid de-referencing
  • Updated and improved textures and alphas for HUD maps
  • Stockcar initial 240 steering , alpha 1 animation pack
  • Added Badenring co-ords.
  • Stock Car engine set enabled; 215465 updated surface sound level; 215466 altered subwave volume curve and audio compression settings
  • Adding stock car AI sounds
  • Stockcar: quick collision update for floor level, fix for auto gears. Differential configured as a Detroit Locker with option to be fully locked by increasing preload setting
  • Belgian Forest – another fix for whitelines texture
  • Add menu options for helmet cam FOV and quick race rolling start
  • Gumpert Apollo: test headlight projection texture replaced with a detailed one
  • Formula A: Engine idle adjusted to prevent stalling. Default gearing matched to onboard data from China GP
  • BAC MONO: New livery
  • Palmer JPLM: added support for ULTRA detail settings
  • BAC Mono: added livery 01 name
  • Palmer JPLM: checks/fixes + new WIP export
  • Caterham R500 – improved AO on all LODs, darker CPIT AO on windscreen, bug fixes
  • AI for Stock Car boosted with compression. Balancing adjustments to opponent car levels, plus other balancing changes
  • Helmetview: visor textures/materials tweaks, reduced scratches about +-20%, flipped text
  • Updated BAC Mono physics to data supplied by manufacturer
  • Helmetview: top part lighting/specular fix, visor tweak to look acceptable inside dark cars + overall materials polish
  • BAC Mono: all exterior mapped&textured, brake disc glow setup, lights setup, user flags checked/set, discs, calipers cloned around, overlay polys set, materials checked/fixed,etc
  • New map texture added for Belgian Forest
  • Formula A: pedal positions changed to keep driver’s feet within the car
  • BAC Mono: show steering wheel when driver is turned off
  • BAC Mono: Badges texture tweaks
  • BAC Mono: more glossy exhaust
  • BAC Mono – Reskinned LODC tires
  • BAC Mono: fixed RPM redline in cockpit display
  • Fixed typo in race strength which was causing AI to attept crazy cornering speeds and often flipping
  • New BAC Mono export
  • New Caterham export
  • New Palmer export
  • New Stockcar export
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Bologna exports

[EXPAND Read the full release notes!]

Build 196 (19/4/12, Senior Manager)
Added 1990 Stockcar
Stockcar 90: adjusted CPIT seat to driver character, added CPIT wheels
Belgian Forest – fixed trees isues and one crowd issue
California Raceway: Fixed brightness, reduced it for the new lighting/weather system
Gumpert Apollo: basic, do-little projection texture to test new headlight attention
Stockcar90: added support for custom chassis colour
BAC mono, added animation pack2, 360 steering
Formula A: checks, optimizations + fixes
Formula A: reduced engine inertia
New 1990 Stockcar physics. Based around notNascar cars of that Era. Aprox 650hp. 3800lbs. Road course setup
TweakIt : Fixes a problem when sliders/values are updated after a connect has been lost, on reconnecting the queued values were sent to the new game app causing invalid de-referencing
Latest helmet cam tweaks for latest mesh
Added Fanatec SDK as well as support for gear display and shift lights on CSW wheel
Fix for CSW LED and lights not clearing on exit
New Formula A export
New California raceway export
New Florence exports

Known Issues: Auto gearing is broken on the Stock Car

Build 195 (18/4/12, Senior Manager)
Helmet rendering tweaks
Added Tyre Force slider (default 0.5 for all controllers, 1.0f for CSW) to advanced controller panel, tweaker added to F1 Input menu. Hooked up to FFB
Extended the range of Tyre Force slider (1-200 mapping to 0.01 to 2.0 internally)
Belgian Forest – add new textures
Initial helmetview data for all driver types (KART,GT,Formula, CLASSIC)
X4: Camera adjustment limits set. Tire temperature, pressure and wear sensitivity experiment
X4: fuel tank size reduced to 70L
Ariel (Atom,mugen,500): animation review1 changes, camera position, driver pose, hands corrections
New HUD maps added for Badenring tracks.
Heusden – Converted the Tree placement
Asano X4, Asano LM11 : animation review1 changes, driver pose, hands, seatbelts corrections
Caterham r500, palmer jplm, Racer V4 : animation review1 changes, driver pose, hands & seatbelts corrections
Fix for visor drawing in front of helmet mesh
Bathurst: track offset rotation adjusted to match dawn from reference
Helmet view head physics adjustments
New Huesden export
New Sakitto exports

Build 194 (17/4/12, Manager+)
SMAA (Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing) support implemented for DX9
Fix crash on exit (SMAA effect was released twice) + default SMAA quality to high
WIP check-in for helmet head physics
Apply world movement and camera shake options to helmet cam
Helmet camera tweaks based on WMD feedback, mainly to have it take account of GUI camera settings
Another helmet cam tweak – slow down look to apex a little
Add DX11 render-target support for custom resolves (required for SMAA S2X)
Add DX11 SMAA NeighbourBlending5050 technique
Added possible fix workaround to allow Fanatec wheel firmware 722+ to boot
Fixed alphatest issues on Crowds that caused them to have nasty fringeing (the phase1/3 deferred alphatest threshold functions were mismatched)
Derby track map image added

Build 193 (16/4/12, Senior Manager)
SMAA DX11 is now 15% faster.
Cam roof position modifed to show more of driver
X4: LODC damage and AO. Cockpit optimizing
Reinstated "all samplers are aniso" but only for PC, so that console builds will not be broken, but still allow the sharper aniso versions on PC
Anims: Updated all textures: sitting and crowd
New Asano X4 export

Build 192 (12/4/12, Team Member+)
Fix for app worker thread not waiting for jobs to finish
Added helmet camera plus a few fancy wheel cams
Helmet Cam: Added look into yaw effect
Allow seat adjustment in helmet view
Allow FOV change in helmet view
Fix for the transmission whine not working properly from some cameras until you cycled through the other cameras
Added a tweaker to optionally disable the helmet cam muffling effect
Sakitto texture updates
Heusden track added to the game
BAC Mono: added redline to RPM bar; BAC Mono: cockpit display changes
Racer: Added AO to all LOD
New Racer exports
New Sakitto exports
New Heusden export

Build 191 (12/4/12, Senior Manager)
Monterey AIW – New raceline recorded for better AI speed. Fixes all problem corners
Asano x4 – increaded brake torque under peak temp
Characters – updated topology for crowds
Sakitto – added cameras, updated textures, grass and materials
Formula A: wider range of gear tuning options
New Sakitto exports

Build 190 (11/4/12, Senior Manager)
Better MLAA settings
New console profiles use bonnet camera by default
Fixed double drawing of windscreen on non-open-topped cars
Fix for PS3 steering wheel not turning
Added runtime support for SMAA: Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing (DX11-only command line switch "-smaa_xxxx" with xxxx=low/medium/high/ultra)
Default world movement to 30
Updated driving camera defaults
Added in m_windscreenReflectionScale values to weather conditions missing it. Added m_windscreenReflectionScale to currentstate info in tweak it
Fixed track-specific personal best received from the server when loading into an event race overwriting event-specific personal best. We display track-specific PBs on the loading screen for now, so they should be stored as those into the local profile.
(This bug prevented improved times set on an event from being uploaded to the server unless they also beat the track-specific personal best set on the event’s track, in the event’s car)
When a new personal best is set during an event race, also update the track-specific leaderboard with the same time.
Wisconsin Raceway – Fixed Carrousel AI running wide off into grass problem. Gradually moved corridors in and reduced attempted AI speed at the critical point by 10%
Florence – Added support for 40 Cars. added 20 pit spots and 40 start spots. Updated TRD’s. (still need garages doors opened for garage support)
Activation button added on Gameplay SAVE button
GAMEPLAY screen now re-organized to work on consoles
Fixed splash screen UI data (removed activation keys from press start button)
Vehicles Materials Library. Added Flat Paint CPIT material
Dropped extra ambience/subwave channels from the X4 AI sounds on consoles, as the extra channels were causing dropouts
Updated windscreen reflection defaults
Updated night windscreen reflection settings for all conditions
Modified moon dome shader to scale the depth value down, as this is the "correct" way to do this. Fixing this stops the moon from flickering on 360. Tested on PC, looks fine, relevant code path is not used by PS3
Fixed grandstand placement at Chesterfield; added intial crowd sound
Added crowd env sound for: Belgian forest circuit and Bologna reverse
Added audio to Badenring tracks
Added brake duct setting to tuning menus
Removed colour scale from 360 if shader used on windscreens
Formula A: Livery name fixes
TweakIt Tool – Fix for international settings affecting parsing of data sent from the game
New Formula A and B exports
New Wisconsin export

Build 189 (6/4/12, Junior Member+)
Further tweak to camera behaviour when world movement is off
Fixed tire materials (wrong textures assigned)
Moravia autograss added
Formula A: added contest winning liveries]
Back out CL 212069 (tyre force multi and tyre grip multi reductions) and reinstate previous values
New Asano X4 export
New Monterey export
New Moravia export
New Sakitto exports 



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