Project CARS – Build 239 Released.




Project CARS – Build 239 Released.

A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out.
Build 239 for all members to enjoy.

Build 239 (22/6/12, Team Member+)

  • Online source structure cleanup, WIP:
  • Added generic "OneSock Task" interface.
  • Sockets now implement the task interface.
  • Replaced socket list by task list class.
  • Online source structure cleanup, WIP:
  • Changed CSProtocol to a task instead of inheriting TCP socket
  • Fix for skydome not rendering correctly when using envmap boost.
  • Fix for dynamic maps not rendering correctly on PC
  • Ref lighting added to correct wtc slot
  • Static file-updated temp barriers from casino square to tobac corner for azure circuit
  • Track Textures- New temp kerbs texture for Azure Circuit, first revision
  • WTC and night sky changes to boost ambient levels between night and sunrise/sunset. pc and console specific textures for the starry sky now dxt5 rather than l8 as it has colour
  • WTC update for night ambient
  • Azure Circuit: Hand edited newly modified areas to get the AI through without hitting armco’s
  • Track textures-Added new road textures for Azure circuit, first revision
  • Belgian Forest – updated viewer trees for pit areaBelgian Forest – fixed issues with missing trees texture – swap wrong models
  • New Formula Rookie export
  • New Azure Circuit export
  • New Belgian Forest export

Known Issue: Caterham Superlight has an issue with the LODC front right wheel cover pivot…Online source structure cleanup, WIP:

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Build 238 (21/6/12, Senior Manager)

  • Inform master server about p2p connection success/failure rate
  • BManager: Added eManagerUseMicroDelta for a temporary test mode to check usage of microsecond delta during auto tick
  • Added temporary switch to enable testing of updated physics delta timer
  • Updated physics manager:
  • – Adjust physics internal hz based on load
  • – Catchup enabled by default
  • Added settings for tick rate as well as min and max
  • Added logging for over/underclocking the vehicle dynamics
  • Added logging for delta between ticks and tick length
  • Physics debug displays internal physics lap times
  • Online source structure cleanup, WIP:
  • – Removed unused sources from the project and moved them to "removed" subdirectory. Some will be reused later, some deleted for good.
  • Added accessor for physics tick rate
  • Added reference lighitng state
  • Online source structure cleanup, WIP:
  • – Got rid of "Tech_Sabre" subdirectory and defines/ifdefs. There is only One OneSock to rule them all now.
  • Fix for moonlight direction
  • Added physics tick rate to top right FPS counter
  • Lotus 49: Revised suspension geometry to reduce rear steer, plus setup tweaks to go with it
  • Stockcar 1990: Reduced steering lock in attempt to prevent the suspension inversion bug
  • Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for FoodSnackHuts
  • New Formula A physics. Removed experimental no load sensitivity, revamped grip and aero amounts (downforce is slightly lower). Removed negative ackerman on the front geometry
  • Formula Rookie: added new livery
  • Ref lighting condions added to superstorm slot
  • New Derby exports

Build 237 (20/6/12, Senior Manager)

  • Added in new cloud lighting
  • Added in new moon lighting at night time
  • Fix for being unable to key cockpit exposure
  • FFB Meter:
  • – Created Base::BForceHistory
  • – Added SetName/GetName to Base::BForceEffectBase
  • – Added force recording to BIDevice, _BGamepadXInputPC, _BGamepadPS3 and _BGamepadXbox360
  • – Fixed dangling rumble bug in _BGamepadXbox360
  • – Base fixes for Unicode string copy/conversion
  • – Removed cForceSteeringVibe, replaced with correctly named cForceSteeringScrub
  • – Re-enabled Brake Vibe and Rumble Strip (for Gamepads only)
  • – Added FFB Meter section to Telemetry HUD
  • Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for Medcenter
  • Formula Rookie: added new livery
  • Lots of lighting changes to all lighting conditions. including addition of moon light and extended twilight sections. New textures for twilight skies and console specific versions added. cloud settings in wtc, although the clouds will not be visible in game yet
  • New Lotus 49 export
  • New Lotus 78 export
  • New Lotus 98T export

Build 236 (19/6/12, Manager+)

  • LAN peer to peer support:- Added helper classes to enumerate local adapters/interfaces
  • – Create and bind datagram socket before sending create/join session request
  • – Include list of all local adapter addresses and the socket bind port in create/join requests
  • – This allows the game to send packets to other session members on the same LAN or VPN directly, without depending on NAT punching to succeed on the LAN router (which usually does not work when both computers try to do so from the "inside")
  • PS3 Physics: Add micro sleep after thread yield to allow other threads to run
  • Belgian Forest – add new textures – Stavelot complex
  • Formula Rookie: fix for bad auto shift points, slight braking torque imbalance, and reduced engine braking
  • Gumpert Apollo: revised wiper animation
  • Northampton ‘Wing’ texture updates
  • groundcover bathurst and exclusion
  • Lotus 49 textures. Tweaked glass transparency
  • 360Hz exe removed
  • New Asano X4 export
  • New Formula Rookie export
  • New Lotus 49 export
  • New Lotus 78 export
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Northampton export

Build 235 (18/6/12, Senior Manager)

  • Change to the camera code so that we now ignore mFar on RTTI and we use a standard far clip of 20000 on standard rendering cameras
  • Online:
  • – Fixed a problem with POST body data being destroyed while still in use by CURL
  • – Changed MD5 calculation from using an undocumented CURL function to use public OpenSSL API
  • – Fixed several type-mismatch errors in calls to curl_*_setopt.
  • – Fixed calls to curl_share_setopt( …, CURLSHOPT_SHARE, … )
  • – Requests to servers that haven’t been discovered yet will gracefully fail
  • Added early winsock2 include to BSetupPC.hpp. This should solve problems with some windows headers defining structures+functions only for winsock1 but not for winsock2
  • Base now waits for the Resource Thread to confirm creation before initialising other systems. This addressed an issue in some tools where the main execution finished so quickly that the App tried exiting before the Resource Thread had been able to get started
  • Remove wait from physics tick update
  • Re-enabed Azure Circuit AI
  • Lotus 78/98T: real liveries restored
  • Lotus 49 Textures. Real logos replacing fictional ones
  • Lotus 49. rcf updated to use real Team Lotus liveries
  • Common Textures. Minor Common_CPIT_Specular tweak, brighter gloss
  • Texture updates on Harrison Pike on kerbs and outer buildings
  • Kerb texture for Harrison Pike worked over and increased in resolution
  • Caterham SP300: added new livery
  • Formula Rookie: fixed name
  • Formula Rookie: added HUD variation
  • Caterham SP300: added new livery
  • Derby – new pitlane texture
  • Azure Circuit: edited corridors near tunnel chicane exit to preven AI from striking barrier there
  • Formula Rookie: Added support for custom liveries
  • Formula Rookie: tweaked camera positions
  • Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for KartingSFHut
  • New BAC Mono export
  • New Caterham R500 export
  • New Formula Rookie export
  • New Lotus 49 export
  • New Azure Coast export
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Derby exports
  • New Harrison Peak Raceway export
  • New Northampton export


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