Project CARS – Build 254 Released.




Project CARS – Build 254 Released.

A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out.
Build 254 for all members to enjoy.

Build 254 (13/7/12, Team Member+)

  • Added new variable m_renderfarZ to the camera code. This allows us to have a seperate far clip plane for frustum culling and what we actually use when rendering
  • Fix for the shadows not matching up correctly with recent camera changes
  • Ghost system:
  • – Ghost manager ensures that only ghosts known to the cache manager are added to the list of selected ghosts
  • – When the cache manager replaces a ghost with a better one in the same settings and the old ghost is selected for inclusion in race, the reference will be updated to the new better ghost
  • – Fixed assert in debug code when a ghost was selected to the race.
  • Added new camera specs using the new camera code for seperating the far clip plane for frustum culling and what we actually use when rendering. Should fix the issue of disapearing objects
  • Fixed turbo spool so it can only trigger when the turbo rate is increasing
  • Northampton pits texture update
  • Rain spray texture tweaks and system tweaks so that it blends between conditions
  • Added new temp blend texture for Eifelwald track
  • Pagani Huayra textures. Some more metal tweaks
  • Northampton pitbuilding texture update
  • Reduced spray particles colour from 1 to 0.5, so back to previous col setting
  • Generic emissive control map checked in
  • Increased wet weather spray emmitters from 24 to current max (64)
  • Updates to wet weather effects – trails now as lines, changes to min/max particle numbers per system
  • Belgian Forest Circuit – update trees and crowds for new terrain
  • Added Volusia
  • Volusia Circuit – first pass on AIW. Main path, raceline, corridors, cut tracks. (no pit lane path)
  • Grassbase template for Volusia
  • Volusia – Updated track names to "Volusia Raceway" and "Volusia Circuit" – added location data for weather and ordered the tracks with the Oval First
  • Volusia – Added the placholder "Under Construction" icons for the track select maps
  • Volusia – Traffic cones to indicate the circuit entry
  • Volusia – Changed Oval trackname to "Volusia Speedway"
  • Volusia – Track logos added
  • Volusia – Fixed incorrect Timezone data in TRD and also Added placeholder Track Photo’s which were missing
  • New Formula Rookie export
  • New Belgium Forest export
  • New Eifelwald export
  • New Northamption export

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Build 253 (12/7/12, Senior Manager)

  • Fix for timecycles in tweakit not reloading when coming from the frontend
  • Remove command line from crash dumps
  • Fix for cPlayer::GetFocusDevice()
  • Improvements to the playback of the turbo dump sound. They can now interrupt a previous dump rather than failing to play, but have added a new CarSoundConfig to stop it retriggering too often. Tweaked existing wastegate parameters in CarSoundConfig to get it working better
  • Ghost system:
  • – Added game identification to ghost files. This prevents ghost data from being loaded in a different game than it was recorded.
  • Formula Rookie: added new livery
  • Cloud pivot updates. console specific versions of the large cirrus texture added
  • Formula Rookie: enabled rim variations for liveries
  • New water spray systems, .mtx, .psx, .dds files
  • Fixed turbo fdp to separate Turbo2 and the new Huayra turbo sounds. Fixed up file paths and switched Huayra CSD to use the new turbo name.
  • Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for House02

Build 252 (11/7/12, Senior Manager)

  • Now clears live edit setup state so that TimeCycle vars are re-created on entering a track
  • Use high detail shadows in FE
  • Fix for ps3 compile and pod errors
  • Added Xbox 360 and PS3 rich presence tech
  • Updates to cloud rendering: added in clouds render to env map.. first pass on rim lighting solution wip checked in
  • Vehicle basic shaders modified to use emap scaler correctly in all cases
  • Debug info removed for new water spray effects (not yet rigged up into game), .psx files only
  • Vehicles: disable multi-element light flares until we have a proper way to control their brightness levels
  • Lightglow_billboard.fx: removed rotation of flare with viewing angle. (Not photographically correct) Reduce flare size as they fade out
  • Ariel Atom: cockpit vibration animations added, brake light glow range set for steel discs, light brightness adjustment #1
  • New Ariel Atom 3 export
  • New Ariel Atom Mugen export
  • New Ariel Atom V8 export
  • New Formula Rookie export
  • New Eifelwald export

Build 251 (10/7/12, Manager+)

  • Implemented game datagram "send packet to session members" API. Packets can be sent to set of session members or to all session members except specified players. The implementation will automatically choose how many packets should be sent directly p2p and send the rest via rebroadcaster if needed, based on uplink bandwidth and p2p connection availability
  • Added public API for the SendTo function and to set the uplink bandwidth available for game datagram communications
  • Audio integration. Silencing one of the non-critical FMOD errors introduced by the channel swapping optimisations, as it can spew the debug output at times
  • Downgraded a parameter range audio assert and clamped the input value
  • Audio integration. Stop race sound effects immediately on quit race
  • Partial Audio integration. LevelSounds now recycle their sounds more efficiently
  • New hiss loop for the Huyara
  • Lotus 49: tire adjustments to add straight line stability under power
  • Pagani Huayra cockpit animation skeleton initial check in
  • Pagani Huayra collision. Fixed mirrors clipping through walls
  • Pagani Huayra textures. Minor tweak for chrome/glossy metals tests
  • Lotus 49 wheels textures. Minor tweak for Chrome/glossy metal tests
  • Improvements to Huyara turbo hiss loops (much longer now). Balance of turbo component samples
  • Pagani Huayra textures. Chrome/metal texture updates
  • Lotus 49 textures. Chrome/metal updates
  • Huyara gentle spool and gentle dump
  • Formula Rookie: added new livery
  • New Lotus 49 export
  • New Pagani Huayra export
  • New Eifelwald export

Build 250 (9/7/12, Senior Manager)

  • Updates to BDbgMetrics
  • – Also added option to set the App’s project folder location in the Windows Documents area (PC Only)
  • – This folder is now used as the root for memory dumps on PC (to the dbgSession subfolder)
  • Force shadow detail to ULTRA in the Frontend and flip the track rotation in the garage 180
  • Pass vehicle discontinuities down through the vehicle audio so queued overspills can’t play after a reset. Moved scrapes into the same system
  • Adding Huyara turbo spool and dump sounds
  • Adding Huyara turbo hiss sound (stretched out)
  • 1st pass of Huyara turbo system
  • 1st pass on Huyara turbo sounds
  • Instanced trees and treewalls texturemaps darkened
  • Patching Bind script : Removed user interaction requirements for patches
  • added global envmap scale factor to all vehicles_basic shaders to allow easier manipulation for standardising materials
  • Formula Rookie: added new livery
  • New wet weather particle effects integration – .edx, .mtx, .psx, .dds

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