Project CARS – Build 261 Released.




Project CARS – Build 261 Released.

A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out.
Build 261 for all members to enjoy.

Build 261 (20/7/12, Team Member+)

Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday’s stat reset. Fixed times not uploading

Build 260 (20/7/12, Team Member+)

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  • Quick fix for clouds popping. I am rendering the clouds in order of their cells. So no fancy sorting , therefore no switching of render order and thus no poping because of it
  • Changed Event Queue processing to use new Online Event Filters
  • Add new Online event Queue which will eventually replace all previous online related event queues
  • Modified DX11 handling of default texture to correctly set "write by CPU" flag (this removes an error reported by DX11 debug version)
  • Cloud Optimisations , spawning and rendering fixes:
  • – CloudLayers regions can be configured to sizes and we can vary their total densities
  • – Clouds share primitative resources and materials so no need for thousands
  • Added in code so IBL can be used forward and phase3 render passes. Changed the order so then I seed the enviroment random variable
  • Changed the camera far render clip plane. Added in code so IBL can be used forward and phase3 render passes in dynamic env maps
  • Change so percloud formation factor is stored in the clouds w.w component.. this is done cause we do not store 1 material per cloud instance (why because that would be a massive overhead)
  • Overlay shader modified to properly cope with being only in phase 3 of deferred rendering, which fixes specular and normal map issues
  • Removing experimental IBL Lighting from clouds
  • Fixed new_ground shader broad normal map to use correct UV mapping
  • WTC tweaks to optimise a couple of conditions. Cloud meshes re-exported with a single texture applied. Slightly lower res as a result but looks OK. console specific versions added for the new texture
  • Fix new_ground.fx not doing normal mapping properly
  • Caterham Classic max file: damage added
  • Various cars: fixed issue with tabs and readability in physics files
  • Ghosts system:
  • – Added texts to global text database, used primarily for save game support in the ghost system
  • – Ghosts that the cache manager knows about are of two distinct types now: server-side ghosts (present either on the server or in the local disk cache), or save game ghosts. They never mix together, and searches for one type igno
  • Adding experimental stratus cloud set up into the light rain slot, which is currently just a placeholder anyway
  • Belgian forest – 1st pass for trees done
  • Removed downward facing quads in stormy and thurnder stormy conditions as they don’t add much and are a frame hit. Also halved the number of clouds for further optimisation
  • Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for Atrium
  • Eifelwald – new slope grass texture psd source file
  • Eifelwald – new slope grass texture
  • Eifelwald – wirefence texture tweak
  • Metallic Matte paint support added to bodywork2 and bodywork2_skinned shaders
  • WTC edit to add new cloud densities for optimised weather system
  • Also added horizon altitudes for clouds. Setting these to just above the top of the sky ring looks best for now, but they will noticeably pop in until other issues are sorted
  • Belgian Forest – update crowds for new terrain and changes
  • Belgian Forest – create more darker temporary grass texture for outer terrain
  • Tweaked settings in CSD for Caterham Classic
  • BFC grass textures checked in
  • Caterham Classic: Fixed speed calibration
  • New Belgian Forest export
  • New Eifelwald export
  • New Sakitto exports
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Build 259 (19/7/12, Senior Manager)

  • New Sakitto textures
  • Belgian Forest – add new textures and change kemmel bridge texture
  • Lotus 49 default setup changes: more front brake bias, higher brake pressure
  • caterham sp300r: added hand paddle animation stockcar 90: changed foor position on pedals
  • Lotus 49: Drivability changes and tweaks
  • Caterham 500: adjusted drag torque arms per Casey’s suggestions
  • Added Caterham Classic
  • Caterham Classic: First pass on the physics
  • Caterham Classic: Adjusted lower collision points
  • MAX file:driver anims pack 1: Caterham classic
  • Caterham Classic max file: CPIT complete
  • Caterham Classic: Exhaust position fixed
  • Caterham Classic: Replacing placeholder file
  • Caterham Classic: Calibrated gauges
  • Caterham Classic: Fixed path
  • New Formula Rookie export

Build 258 (18/7/12, Senior Manager)

  • Ghost system:
  • – Ghosts that the cache manager knows about are of two distinct types now: server-side ghosts (present either on the server or in the local disk cache), or save game ghosts. They never mix together, and searches for one type ignore ghosts of the other type. This allows the cache manager to perform whatever is needed automatically on the first set (including renames and deleted), and never touch the second type of ghosts (where any action must be initiated by the player)
  • – Added another source of ghost data: saved game (with empty implementation for now)
  • – Renamed disk load and save tasks to disk cache load and save, to make it clear that the local disk cache is used.
  • – All code (including declarations) relating to disk cache support is compiled only when the disk cache is enabled. This prevents things like constants being accidentally used in code that isn’t supposed to deal with disk cache.
  • – CRC is calculated (and kept for later reverification) even if the ghost file is saved to local disk cache. This triggers verification upon subsequent load just before server upload
  • WIP updates to BDbgMetrics and TCP connection code
  • – Added BDbgMetrics specific tcp byte buffer
  • – Standardised type usage in BTCPByteBuffer to avoid bugs
  • – Added proper error handling to BTCPByteBuffer
  • – Fixed potential buffer overflow bugs
  • – Added support to grow the byte buffer if it is full. If it grows more than once it will assert and inform to adjust initial size
  • Fixed handling of track damage effects data, which was leaking slowly due to loading every round but only releasing on shutdown
  • Corrected memory trace strings in HRDF code, which were mistakenly causing the impression that leaking data was from the animation subsystem
  • Fixed usage of explicit integer types when working with UserIds and RefIds
  • New added viewer placed spotlights for car selection scene
  • Caterham R500: drivabilty changes and tweaks. Alot was reverted to my last phyics changes and some tweakes on top of that. Kept Casey’s gearbox and gearing
  • New added texturemaps for car selection scene, baked neon-lightmaps
  • Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for PitTribunes_LODA
  • Eifelwald source textures
  • Fix for wrong build number info casuing issues with the Launcher

Build 257 (18/7/12, Senior Manager)

  • Added classes wrapping UserId and RefId values. This ensures type safety when using those ids and will simplify transition to platform-specific user ids in the future
  • Fixed order of initialization problems in various places
  • Fixed some type conversion warnings
  • Simplified the forced mempool destruction process to avoid crashes on app exit
  • General bug fixing

Build 256 (17/7/12, Manager+)

  • Online: Fixed broken log in: Several variables were duplicated in base and derived classes, which resulted in them not being updated
  • Ghost system:
  • – Lowered the maximum uncompressed binary ghost stream buffer size, based on the expected zip compression ratio and maximum compressed stream buffer size
  • – Added macro that controls support for ghost save game storage
  • Launcher:
  • – Added new error message for UAC timeout or cancellation, instead of showing the generic "failed to execute" error
  • – Reworded a few misleading error messages
  • – Added human-readable Win32 error messages to the log file
  • – Fixed incorrect line endings in log file
  • – Installed version is updated in the UI when a patch has been run
  • Adds back frontend weather conditions accidentally removed in previous checkin
  • Formula Rookie max: CPIT 65K tris, fixed UV mapping in cockpit
  • Adding backfire and crackle sounds (experimental)
  • Common glass texture update
  • Belgian Forest – add new treewall texture
  • Caterham R500 and Classic: unlocked rear toe and camber settings
  • Experimental: road noise effect added (affects physics and therefore FFB, needs testing on various different wheels)
  • Belgian Forest Circuit – slightly change textures
  • Heavy cloud lighting tweaks
  • New Formula Rookie export

Build 255 (16/7/12, Senior Manager)

  • First set of clouds in game
  • Extended weather descriptions to match conditions
  • Ghost system:
  • – Renamed server CRC to CRC, as it’s used regardless of storage location.
  • – Added debug output showing debug code that can be be used to select that ghost.
  • Setting CarSoundConfig fallbacks and generated values to the currently used ones
  • Added safety checks for audio code supporting multiple turbos
  • Added preliminary wet surface sounds for the player (AIs are using the dry ones for now). Tweaked jetstream sound so it operates on the track wetness rather than the weather condition
  • Disable 3D scene, replace with old FMV. Enable 3D scene on command line ‘-use3DScene’
  • Added support for sending 64-bit integers and hex-encoded binary data as HttpApi parameters
  • Code to setup the clouds on first tick
  • Only muffle the audio in helmet cam if the helmet is actually being displayed (up to the user in the options)
  • Fix for uninitialised variable in the main menu causing a crash on second load
  • Clouds spawn in over 20 seconds and disperse over 20 seconds no matter what the speed up factor is
  • Caterham R500: migrating a couple of physics ideas that worked on the Classic to the R500
  • Materials library. Updated Paint flat CPIT material
  • Asano X4 wheels textures. Metal tests
  • Surface skid and peel behaviour changes. Requires feedback/opinion
  • Belgian Forest:New textures first pass
  • Belgian Forest: Update emm map for House02
  • Belgian Forest: Add new textures for House03
  • Updates to wet weather effects
  • Cloud lighting tweaks
  • Improved text labels for weather descriptions
  • New Northampton export 

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