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Project CARS – Build 387 Released.





A new weekly build of Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered Project CARS title is out.
Build 387 for all members to enjoy.

Build 387 (18/1/13, Team Member+)

Bug Fixes:

* Fix for an alt tab crash. The crash was caused by not updating the emap rendertargets


* Slick_white tread modified. New drag figures for Racer L4. Setup tweaks and suspension fix for BMW M3 E30


* Milan: Fixed road and terrain geometry, and collisions, improved gravels, added wet surfaces for concrete and kerbs, merged latest assets
* Azure Circuit: Added sainte devote twall, fixed csm, merged in latest assets from JanP, updated sel sets
* Azure Circuit: Added some more road marking, fixed sainte devote area/barriers, deleted/rescaled old wrong stuff, fixed csm,replaced trees/bushes
* Azure Circuit: New textures


* BMW M3 GT2: Alpha2 driver animations
* BMW M1: Disabled damage vector for pop up headlights
* BMW M3 E30: Fixed windscreen textures

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Build 386 (17/1/13, Senior Manager)

* Added qualifying and practice selection handlers for custom race screen. Not yet working.
* Code to allow you to be able to change the amount of GSI applied via the wtc
* BMW M3 E30 GroupA : Aplha1 driver animations
* BMW M3 GT2: fixed remaining bugs and added to vehicle list
* BMW M3 GT2: Added cockpit display
* BMW M3 GT2: Added runtime files + collision export
* BMW M3 GT2: Added srcdata/physics files
* BMW M3 GT2: Added DDS textures
* BMW M3 GT2: First export added
* Moravia: Added marshal huts and polished up emmisvies on pitbuilding
* Moravia: Added lights for marshal huts
* Solitude Rennstrecke: New export

Build 385 (16/1/13, Senior Manager)

Graphics Engine: 
* Fix for sgx light loading. Light tweakable setting was incorrectly setting up casting shadows information
* Fixes for race leaderboard screen (correct car names shown at end of race)
* BMW M3 E30: Prepared for first export
* BMW M3 E30: initial physics
* BMW M3 E30: Added placeholder liveries
* BMW M3 E30: Added runtime files + ambient shadow
* BMW M3 E30: Added and setup srcdata files
* BMW M3 E30: Added car to the game
* BMW M1: Added Livery PSD 17
* BMW M1: Added Livery PSDs 13-20
* BMW M1: Added liveries 13-20
* Azure circuit: New texture map
* Azure circuit: Tweaked texture maps
* Derby: New textures
* Moravia: Wet surface and dryline added
* Milan: New texture map

Build 384 (15/1/13, Manager+)

* Milan: Improved grass textures, added latest assets, wet road
* Milan: Track edge texture tweak
* Milan: Add new textures for small electric box
* Derby: New textures First pass
* Northampton: Dryline added, scene selection set bugs fixed
* Caterham SP300R: Collision adjustment to help prevent curb grabbing
* Racer L4 and V8: Collision shape adjustment to help prevent curb grabbing

Build 383 (14/1/13, Senior Manager)
* Disabled inflation of convex meshes for vehicle collisions
* Milan: New textures
* Milan: Spotlights created with flares, and placed as viewer objects
* Eifelwald GP: pit collisions fixed, optimized materials count, unused stuff removed from scene, reflective ground materials converted to roaddbv and wet added effect added
* Northampton: Tribune seats updated 
* Tires: slight increase in damping to RSC-G and RSE-G to prevent uncontrolled oscillations

 The camera in the front end is fixed and doesn’t rotate around the car



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