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Project CARS – Community Gallery #74

Project CARS
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The talented, and creative Project Cars members have created another stunning screenshot Gallery. This is gallery #74
Enjoy the various in-game screens of new and vintage cars, circuit and road environments, day and night. All spiced up by one of the most graphically impressive gaming engines out there.
This gallery is considerably  smaller then the usual ones, but nevertheless, just as impressive. Being developed on the PC platform, Project CARS is also scheduled to be released on the PS4.

As usual, all shots show purely in-game footage that has not been made in any special photo mode, using no post-processing or filters that aren’t available during the actual gameplay

Project CARS is a game developed by Slightly Mad Studio (creator of Shift series and GTR). Based on realistic physics and outstanding graphics. 
As this project is on the initial stage of development, all seen footage is pre-alpha.

This project is currently funded by SMS under World Mass Development. WMD is a platform that let the community join the project as investors and tester.


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