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Project CARS – Community Gallery #77

Project CARS

A new year and the first of a new set of spectacular Project CARS screenshots uploaded by the Community. This week we can enjoy community gallery number 77.
This gallery also features the Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster that is now added to to Project CARS.

As usual, all shots show purely in-game footage that has not been made in any special photo mode, using no post-processing or filters that aren’t available during the actual gameplay


[EXPAND Click here for Build 624 – Build 637 info]


Build 637 (09/01/14, Team Member+) – 51.0 MB
* Xbox One: Added first draft input set for gamepad
* Xbox One: Updated default XDK header paths in xb1 props based on latest XDK defaults
* Xbox One: Added basic gamepad support
* Xbox One: Moved some XB1 specific input files to use wrt extensions
* Xbox One: Fixed bug in temp vsscanf implementation that caused stack overflow
* Xbox One: Fixed bug in keyboad state history management that resulted in modifiers being ignored
* Fix for Driver floating in mid-air
* Pit mechanics: Fire attendant reference animations added
* Pitstops mechanics reference animations update: Fixed positions to reflect car pit position more accurately
* New ChampionshipSessionInfo HRDF added to cover the session-specific data, accessed via a hashed lookup. Session type icons added to the new HRDF and hooked up to Career screens to match screen design
* Correct turn indicator icons
* Individual drops texture added for wet cam. 4×4 cells
* Pagani Zonda Cinque: Added seat belts, many fixes for first export, runtime updates for first export.
* Snetterton: New texture maps (NOT YET IN-GAME)
* Oulton Park: Added new textures for start lights and pit wall section (NOT YET IN-GAME)

Build 636 (08/01/14, Team Member+) – 70.2 MB
* XBox One: Temporary fix for flickering instanced geometry
* XBox One: Fix for distortion rendering crash
* Tweaked PS4 DCB and garlic buffer size. Added checks for bad view port settings.
* Fix for PS4 render target clear on env map.
* Fix for PS4 reflection render target size.
* Fix for loading crash when exterior sunflare is set to “none”
* Screen rain droplet textures *first pass*
* DX11: fix for Distortion texture SRGBnesss
* Tires: L49 KERB A/B/C to test three “fixes” for slow speed kerb stepping
* Lotus 78: New fexi tire based off the the one done for the 98T. As with the 98T the flexi tire handles lower grip better so that was adjusted down slightly. Had to work on rolling resistance/drag to get top speed back to 160-ish mph, fixed the incredibly high brake temps reported, also added a rain tire to test, removed the old modal tire.
* Ford Capri GR5, BMW M1 Procar: New flexi tires with new compounds to suit (lower grip as before). Also added a wet rain tire for both cars to try. Adjusted the setups a tiny bit on both cars to suit the new tires. Nice and predicable handling/sliding on both cars. Enjoy!
* Mercedes 190E Evo2: LODA/ LODC work done. Started Cpit work. Actually at 75K tris.
* LMP RWD P30: Added wheel and tire LODs
* Ariel Atom 300 & Mugen: Updated underbody collision material settings
* Azure Coast Stage1: Removed the rails along the central reservation area, updated the whole left side of the croisette, added new rails, fixed pave, updated csm csm walls csm grass, fixed treewall texture, fixed hotel martins mat, wrong emm, , updated VT stuff along the croisette, left side + res area, updated sel sets

Build 635 (07/01/14, Junior Member+) – 64.3 MB
* DX11/Xbox One uses single pass Motion-Blur technique – this allows phase3 to use 11.11.10 (32bit) HDR saving ESRAM memory bandwidth.
* XBox One: Phase1/3 splits enabled + cleanup and align XB1 threadsetup more closely to PS4.
* XBox One: Fix for missing command buffer sizes in threadsetup
* Fix for ambient shadow texture extension on non-dx platforms.
* DX11: Fix for missing constructor init on new CommandBuffer members
* Enable/fix single Pass motion-blur technique for DX11.
* Changed the leaderboards code to use Steam as the default. Use -javalb to switch back to old Java master server leaderboards.
* Career leaderboards can now show track records only from cars eligible for the event. Added code to extract the eligible vehicle IDs in the format the leaderboards use, and enabled car text display.
* Vehicle criteria extended to make opponents pick the same car as the player (with different livery), even though the player can select from within a range
* Added AITweak for an AI dedicated Tweak it region + new live steering that’s more simplistic and should be a bit smoother+ code cosmetic changes to the driver class
* Formula Rookie: Fixed inverted radiator cooling
* Azure Coast Stage 1: Added latest stuff, reworked where needed the hill/slope along the freeway and all surrounding stuff, fixed csm+ grass csm, added basic vt suff along it, left to add trees bushes/tested

Important: Mandatory profile deletion

Build 634 (06/01/14, Team Member+) – 11.6 MB
* Implemented the Authentication::Login method on Xbox One – for now it brings up the Xbox UI Account Picker menu.
* Added Xbox One services API reference for accessing Xbox One online APIs.
* Fixed wrong controller checked for signed-in user on Xbox One.
* Fixes two new shaders to compile on PS4.
* FA Tires: R2,R3 and FFB changed
* FC Tires: R4, R5 and default setup changed
* JPLM Tires: R4
* Vintage Tires: R5, SLO A/B/C
* Tire model: Heat improvements
* Ginetta G55 GT3: LODX and LODA cockpits only parts and materials. Ready to be merged into the main file, cockpit2, alpha, DDS texture, cockpit DDS texture, interior DDS texture, steering wheel DDS texture. Initial check in’s.
* Snetterton: New texture maps, first commit (NOT YET IN-GAME)

Build 633 (03/01/14, Junior Member+) – A Lot of MB
* Fixed a couple of issues when a user isn’t logged in or no controllers connected on Xbox One.
* Added code to populate the current active user’s profile name and display name for Xbox One.
* Added required WinRT flag for Release configuration on Xbox One.
* Enabled Xbox One authentication
* Added basic initialisation of Xbox One online features and gamertag retrieval.
* PS4/XBox One/DX now honour thread affinity requests from render tasks.
* Fixes PS4 orthographic projection matrix.
* Adds trace markers for PS4 audio blocks, up’s number of worker threads to 5 globally (PS4).
* Xbox One renderer ESRAM fix + PIX fix for debug
* Added a new tool called AIMetrics to produce driving data for measuring AI performance
* Scripted animation scene loading
* Tires: flash heat transfer changes, heat model tweaks, FA r1 work (not yet enabled), Vintage r4
* Fixed tire.rg
* Lotus 98T: Changed wear of new flexi tire down to amore relaistic rate.
* Add playback flags to MGDF export and switch playback debug texts to use new format.
* End of session physics support: Added simulated fuel and drive per vehicle, added indices to waypoints, added AutoGenerateLapTimes interface, added Tick_ProcessEndOfSession in physics manager to generate session triggers, retired vehicles after end of session, added end of session physics tick support, added trigger support for absolute trigger time
* Stop the Pit sequence spamming the physics with change tyre requests (fixes an hang bug when exiting while pitting)
* Fix issue with render task scheduler locking up due to multiple atomic race conditions.
* Track Maps: Glencairn (all variants): fixed start markers & not matching to the road layout
* Track Related textures for Loire and Brands Hatch
* Loire 24: First pass of tree placement for Loire24
* Oulton Park GP: First initial export for Oulton Park, very basic for Doug to make the AIW, reference map texture added, initial AIW with start position for 4 cars,track logo (NOT YET IN-GAME), added new textures for green foot bridge
* Snetterton: New texture maps, 1st commit (NOT YET IN-GAME)
* Brands Hatch: Whitelines reworked, dirtedges reworked and set up for Luis to be adapted on the san loft, made overlay stuff weather compatible
* Derby Park: Fixed Collision issue
* Badenring: Fixed puddle error
* Milan Historic: Removed trees standing in the middle of the track
* Wisconsin Raceway: Completed a whole load of large and small fixes, full CSM pass for the new tyrewalls, wet weather setup, added a custom rain / puddle map for use the kerbs, moved a loudspeaker pole that was for some reason in the middle of a sand trap, generated mips by hand for rain droplet texture, updated the grass blend map so the rest of the circuit is covered
* Azure Coast (Full/Reverse/Stage 1): Updated first section with new s1 stuff/removed rocks on uphill road/updated sel sets, fixed some gaps, mapping issues, add some variety on s1 village pave, fixed coll wall infront of 1 building, deleted start grid around the finish point
* LMP RWD P30: CPIT RPM lights tweak, added HUD Motec + fixed CPIT RPM lights
* Mercedes SLS GT3: Added wheel and tire LODs
* Mercedes 300SEL AMG: UV mapping WIP1
* Improvements to bodywork and glass shaders to help with sparkling raindrops

Build 632 (20/12/13, Junior Member+) – 124.2 MB
* Global finger animations: tweaked animations, more natural movement, removed legs from export
* Formula A: Suspension rework
* FFB: Turned on the slow spring for all cars to prevent oscillation when stopped.
* LMP RWD P30: Cloned LODX meshes, matte carbon material
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Ultra detail level Setup initial checkin, full LODs setup done.
* Brands Hatch: Adjustments to wet path, adjusted dry path for issues, tweaked corridors for adjusted track width at Sheene Curve down to the bridge
* Azure Coast (Stage1): Added latest assets from Kate and Gary, fixed some mapping issues on roads and terrain, replaced the barrier system all along the s1 village, added woods armcos, remapped rocks and slopes new mat created, added dry soil areas here and there along this sections, reworked the grass csm on these area, grass, bakedclay, longgrass, slopegrass, fixed coll walls

Build 631 (19/12/13, Junior Member+) – 440 MB
* Stop the final session of Career series from being played again once it’s completed (Seasons still reset). Still updates profile after the race to retain the setting
* Updated RaceOverview screen with date values
* Fixed loading screen values when loading sequential Career sessions
* Track Selection grid set to clip children for neatness, needs further work to fix though
* Fix for missing text on the Calibrate Wheel screen
* Tires: Updates for the new cars
* Prototype RWD P30: New physics set
* Ford Sierra RS500: Tweaked HUD tacho to fit new physics, removed bad collision mesh making the car an off-roader, various tweaks, initial physics, added HUD tacho, fixed pivots, added proper collision setup, Added collision meshes, replaced common_paint and fixed missing materials in CPIT
* Sauber C9: Added ambient shadow, tweaked cockpit exposure, initial physics set
* Mercedes 300SL: Proper alpha1 driver animations + initial setup, handling update. Now uses approximation of air suspension.
* Ginetta G55 GT3: Small cpit display tweak, configured various things for the first export, adjusted cockpit exposure, removed 2 pages from display, finished export setup, added lights, mirorrs, display
* Additional track and vehicle logos, and happy holidays!
* Flag wind speed fix for vertical flags, removal of very fast/inconsistent animations (needs animations replacement)
* Treewall texturemat tweak: matched to lighting and treeinstances
* Wisconsin: Updated placement XML with all new tyre walls, polish pass completed on the whole track, added new viewer mesh files for the various new tyre wall stacks, updated grass exclusion to give full and proper grass coverage on the new level, updated grass texture, added all new textures required by the track revamp, updated a few existing textures also.
* Oulton Park: Added ao map for scrutineering building (not yet in-game)
* Brands Hatch (GP & Indy layout): First export, bh adjusted textures on bridges and road darkened

Known issue:
– Using DX11MT on Brands Hatch leads to a crash at Pilgrims Drop

Build 630 (19/12/13, Junior Member+) – 150.9 MB
* Removes vehicle lod culling from camera direction (not used, but was doing calcs). Splits mirror code into own file (from hud). Mirror now renders in 3 chunks (in MT), chunk 1 – predicate, phase 1/2, chunk 2 – phase 3, chunk 3 – forward.
* Fixed bug in scoring when skipping rounds
* Stopped mode-specific scoring being used on non-scoring session types
* Added Steam presence and moved rich presence handling to Common Onlinesupport
* Implemented Steam support for events – stat submits and queries, ghost uploads and downloads. Events should now fully work as expected when running with -steamlb command-line option.
* Temp disable of base input for build
* Adding GetScreenX/Y functions
* Selected tiles now highlighted further with a blue overlay, improved icons for vehicle class types (not all currently)
* Updated visuals on Get In Car button (VehicleModel screen)
* Diffuse intensity multiplier implemented into particles shader billboardAnimated.fx (fragmentShaderZ_Forward) to increase brightness of particles
* Modified foliage shader to prevent DX11 shaders triggering a divide by zero error through use of fractional power function (was causing missing tree trunks)
* Road-broad texture updated
* Adding a safety check and an assert around a potential crash cause in racing flags
* Tires: Vintage r3, FA r0.
* Lotus 98T: New flexi tire. Both slicks and rain treads added. Reduced areo downforce by 15%. Increased mid-range torque and slight change in turbo mapping to help mid-range. Misc setup changes to suit. Wings set in the middle for Florence GP testing.
* LMP RWD P30: Fixed custom livery support + added carbon
* Mercedes 300SEL AMG: Small texture tweaks (not yet in-game)
* Oulton Park: Add new textures for pitbuilding, budworth building, fogarty moss center, pit garages (not yet in-game)
* Milan: New textures addition, textures update
* Azure Coast (Stage 1/Reverse): Placed new buildings from the start to the second big roundabout, fixed the terrain/road/pave along the croisette, removed road signs along section1, fixed csm+grass csm, deleted old stuff, updated sel sets
* Brands Hatch: Texturemap replacement for treewall (not yet in-game)

Build 629 (17/12/13, Team Member+) – 198.1 MB
* Phase 1 / 3 now split into 4 chunks on PS4. Fixes issue with env maps not being reset.
* Adds PS4 timing markers to HUD.
Wii U:
* WiiU: Added basic DRC support
* WiiU: Fixed template link error
* FXCompilerWiiU: support for parsing of NULL pixel shaders.
* WiiU: Runtime support for NULL pixel shaders + allow GX2Invalidate on a thread (support seems to be fixed with the latest SDK)
* Meshes with a deferment group of 1 will be marked as ‘final batch’, this is to prevent phase 3 issues with split batches.
* Fix for multi-threading on shadows getting invalid pointer.
* Fix for cube and volume texture loading.
* Fix for bootup crash with -DX11MT (knock-on issue with the PS4 phase1/3 thread splitting)
* DX11 HDR Convergence: Turn on instant mode if SLI/Crossfire – fixes flickering and dark cockpits.
* Fixing calendar click issue
* Fix for phantom back click bug and using new Get In Car button for vehicle select.
* If LoadNextSession flag is set, Career races now advance to the next session automatically via the loading screen – at EOR, and if skipping to the end of the session. All current Career test files updated. Related fix to show Career scores at EOR before loading.
* Changed online interface to clearly distinguish between tracks and events when running stat submits and queries, required by Steam event implementation to follow soon. Updated all code affected by the change. Note: Aries ghosts APIs still identify event ghosts by using the event id instead of track id, so id collisions will cause ghost problems.
* Added interface for animations to detect if pit lane/garages on left or right of track.
* Additional PitProgress management code
* Fix for PitProgress leak
* Test data – Pit Engineer: Animation sequence + bav file updated to generate an animation bank
* Processing for hrdf animation sequence scripts.
* Added an animation script for the refuelling sequence.
* Updated the pit_gaman_01 to generate an animation bank.
* Ginetta G55 GT3 2013: Check-in for CPIT work. (Naught)
* Mercedes 300SEL: Windscreen reflections dds texture, windows dds texture, wheels dds texture, misc dds texture, lightsglass dds texture, lights dds texture, brakedisc dds texture, windscreen banner dds texture (placeholder), badges dds texture, disc glow dds texture – suits most brake discs. – initial check-in. (Naught)
* LMP RWD P30: UV mapping finished (LODX, CPIT, LODD), Added custom livery support, added rain effect to paint/carbon, updated tire textures (removed ring)
* Vintage (Dunlop) tire tread: new tire tread dds texture for vintage (Dunlop) tires – initial check in
* Common tire: additional common tire dds texture for vintage cars – initial check in
* Brakedisc glow texture: common brake disc texture, additional version – initial check in
* BMW Z4 GT3: Panasonic logos replaced with Nvidia ones, nvidia logos added + new color design
* Formula A: Panasonic logo horizontal
* Azure Coast (Full&Reverse): placed new buildings from the start to the second big roundabout, fixed the terrain/road/pave along the croisette, removed road signs along section1, fixed csm+grass
* Brands Hatch: Texturemap replacement for treewall (Naught)

Build 628 (16/12/13, Team Member+) – 110.6 MB
* Fix for PS4 compile error.
* Fixing the exit to desktop button on the login screen.
* Fixing all world record holders and track maps in the main menu.
* Frontend updates: Backing out of an Options screen always saves it, legibility issues resolved on tiles, navigation on console issues fixed on any updated screens, desaturated/blurred backgrounds
* Steam-based events (WIP): When running in Steam leaderboards mode, download the published event configuration from the public web server during the login flow, rather than using Java’s login response contents.
* Added Championship toggle to optionally switch off the reset when events have been completed, so they retain their finished state (rather than being reset so they can be replayed).
* Moved data ordering so Rounds/Sessions are always at the bottom (easier to read)
* Formula A: Bigger longitudinal Panasonic logo on car nose, SMS logo quality improvement
* Ginetta G55 GT3 2013: Initial WIP check-in (not yet in-game)
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ-400: Added last 20th livery name, added new liveries – initial check-in
* Racer + BMW M3 GT4: Fixed LED colours on cockpit display
* Pagani Zonda Cinque: Fixed runtime/srcdata files, added placeholder liveries (not yet in-game)
* Azure Coast: Updates for statics and instance scenes according to other trunk, new static items
* Northampton: Fixed errant cut tracks in various places around the track.

Known issues:
– Can’t select liveries using the mouse as it will make you leave the car menu, for now use the keyboard keys

Build 627 (13/12/13, Team Member+) – 74.2 MB
Wii U:
* Fix for WiiU unity file.
* Adds chunking to draw list execute. Allows splitting of render lists. Also adds support for a couple of access functions for render modes. (All platforms.)
* DX11MT: Fix for bad environment map setting in MT.
* DX11: Fix for deferred context constant shadowing issues
* Championships can now contain multiple Rounds, each containing multiple Sessions, so the various Career types can be defined properly.
* Championship and RaceCalendar updated to handle rounds (scoring only works within the same round for now), with UI code fixed where necessary to get at the data in the new format. Career data files updated.
* Allowing copied menus to select the default option for gamepads, specifically adressing the Aries bug where the options dialog had no default option selected.
* Defaulting ‘Tyre Force’ to 100% for all controllers
* Static instances of 3dpalms and 3dpinesV2 added
* Added basic simulation of air drag applied to dynamic objects.
* BMW Z4 GT3: Fixed inadvertant asymmetry in default setup
* FG1000: Suspension animations added
* Pagani Huayra: Added ambient shadow render source, removed the BGUI file causing the CTD with this car
* Formula C: Fixed RCF typos, added missing runtime files, added placeholder liveries + custom livery support
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Minor typo fix
* Pagani Zonda Cinque: Placeholder runtime files. Initial check in for Jan. (not yet in-game)
* Sauber C9: Added runtime/srcdata files, ambient shadow and placeholder liveries (not yet in-game)
* Mercedes 300SEL: Cockpit DDS file, steering wheel DDS file, added placeholder collision export,added ambient shadow source. Initial check in. (not yet in-game)
* Ford Sierra Cosworth: Added runtime/srcdata files, ambient shadow and placeholder liveries (not yet in-game)
* Brands Hatch: Texturemap switch from base to autumn look (not yet in-game)
* Azure Coast: Improved pinewalls texturemap, updated light around new marina, updated static around new marina, updated instance around new marina, update effect around new marina, updated crowds around the new marina

Build 626 (12/12/13, Team Member+) – 22.4 MB
* Hooking up the HUD layout manager to tweakit
* Grid Positions applink fixed. Save button is now on B (will become standard across all Options pages as they are updated)
* Ensured the track regions were all set appropriately for AndyT
Wii U:
* WiiU enable RVM on a thread (works without bugs now with the last fix)
* WiiU – Shader param internal cache optimisation, unused param setting optimisation. Fix for Global Texture Ptr internal params thread binding
* Tires: Second revision of flexi GT tires. Setup changes to some cars to suit.
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Minor livery name change, minor logo change, added 19 liveries names, added new rims – initial check
* Mercedes 300SEL AMG: Added runtime/srcdata files, ambient shadow and placeholder liveries

Known issues:
– Trying to play with the Pagani Huayra leads to CTD

Build 625 (11/12/13, Junior Member+) – 187.3 MB
* Moving ChampionshipRound to ChampionSession, in preparation for multiple Rounds being able to contain multiple Sessions in career
* Career sessions can now be marked as skippable e.g. so the player can ignore practice and/or qualifying and jump straight to a race. Skipping also works when resuming a series and skipping to a later round. Kart test series on 17th Jan updated with skippable rounds, and fixed opponent criteria
* Championship script now using correct track information
Fix for broken normal mapping on basic_instanced shader materials – will improve the visuals on a number of instanced objects, and allow the art team to make wider use of the shader
* Ensure chat filter GUI switch is properly applied.
* Fixing the new flow for changing vehicle while in the tuning screen, also fixing the missing numbers and broken sliders when entering the advanced setup before racing.
* RoundWeather changed to ChampionshipWeather as part of Round->Session restructuring (no longer tied to the Round)
* Adding ‘close on click off’ to dialogs
* Removing support for the build fix made this morning for missing GUI handler classes.
* Moving the new quick race options screen to a dialog, and fixing the opponent counter from getting locked out.
* Physics defaults garage limits for all wheel entries in setup screen
* Fix for QuikSoloSettings losing its DataAdapter with the new design from AndyT.
* Set as default the online profanity filter to be ON in new profiles.
* Profanity database updated with parsing improvements
* Track Select filter button tidied
* Updated Track & Location Select screens
* Save button on QuickSoloSettings page looks correct now
* Correct Weather applink assigned on QuickRaceSettings screen
* Adding profanity filter option to the online options screen.
* Updated login screen
* Fixing broken applink for the button state of modifying an existing loadout (and fix for small error written into dep file from AndyTs machine).
* Updated Setup image tiles based off WMD screenshots
* New bolder design for Main Menu and Quick Solo screens
* You can now change car in the Tuning Main screen (renamed My Garage)
* Memory reduction by ~30 Mb
* New Wii U/Xbox One/PS4 controller icons
* RWD manufacturer icon added
* Improved vehicle class logos
* Highlight now appears over the My Profile button
* Remove some old race event tests from driver ai + Remove AI Mistakes related code
* Grudge removal with data changes and no modification of drivers2 class
* Support for different lens flares visuals when helmet is on
* Replay Cameras: New real-world-style set for Besos GP – Take 2 – reworked start cameras, added a test helicam, tweaked slomo activation for further testing.
* Caterham Classic, Caterham R500, Ariel Atom: Stiffened the Flexi Carcass sidwall in 3 directions by aprox 30%. Carcass tread stiffness alone, but stiffent the rubber blocks in the flash tread area. Also a very small * increase in base grip to retian slidability.
* FFB: Final batch of cars updated to use new topology and fixed issues caused by the change
* Added channel thickness previously missing from vintage cars with treaded tires, also Caterhams and Ariel atoms with treaded tires. Should help rain performance.
* Eifelwald Muellenbach,Lakeville, Roen, Northampton(All), Florence GP, Eifelwald(All), Chesterfield, Solitude Rennstrecke, Emirates(All): Raceline updated
* Azure Coast(Full,Reverse,Stage1): Reworked the area between the first small roundabout and the big second one, designed the new area, created a new marina, added a new beach, reworked side walls, added manholes, added new bus + bus stop overlays, fixed seabed+ water mesh, deleted old stuff, fixed everything around it, updated VT static/crowds/inst/effects/lights, created 33 textures, fixed csm+ grass csm, stage1, full and full rev, updated sel sets stage1 full full rev + csm

Known issues:
– Trying to play with the Pagani Huayra leads to CTD

Build 624 (09/12/13, Junior Member+) – 44.3 MB
Wii U:
* WiiU: SetGlobalVector/Matrix per thread
* WiiU: Disable optimisation in WiiU release/gold – there is a compiler bug causing bad code generation which breaks the RVM (which incorporates some head tracking derived from this system)
* WiiU: Precautionary invalidate for RVM texture + threadsetup performance tweaking
* WiiU: Fix for SSAO Contrast/Brightness
* WiiU: Enable additional optimisations GSHCompile options – stick with no fastmath for now, since that can cause NaNs. Fixup compiler for new Base asserts.
* Don’t call zero sized command-buffers – can happen during loading.
* Sun flare visibility correction: ICamera – added method for obtaining frustum without distance scale; VisibilitySampling – reverted use of distance scaling; LensFlare – use of distance scale reverted, unscaled frustum used instead
* Updated disabling of force feedback effects by FFB tweakers to be applied only for a wheel controller.
* Done cleanup of usage of FFB tweakers value getters.
* Replay Cameras: New real-world-style set for Besos GP – first pass.
* Autumn 3D tree instances added
* Flowers and small bushes HW instances added
* GT3 tires: First pass at a flexi carcass.
* FFB: Second batch of cars moved to new topology
* Formula C: Added AO and cockpit animations
* Racelines – Racelines missing from several tracks



Project CARS is a game developed by Slightly Mad Studio (creator of Shift series and GTR). Based on realistic physics and outstanding graphics.
As this project is on the initial stage of development, all seen footage is pre-alpha.

This project is currently funded by SMS under World Mass Development. WMD is a platform that let the community join the project as investors and tester.


Official Webpage –