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Project CARS Formula A in the Rain at Monza

Project CARS

Project CARS – Formula A in the Rain at Monza

It is safe to say that Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios features the highest level of eye candy for modern PC games. With it’s super detailed ca and track models, and its amazing weather effects it will surely become a favourite for many racing game enthusiasts out there.

We can expect that Project Cars will also become an instant hit on the console market. For the moment, the title already looks allot more polished than the current hits such as Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo.  With features such as customizable dynamic weather and day to night transitions, the title takes the racing game genre one step further than the competition.

While still in development, the wet weather feature in Project Cars is already looking more than believable.  Wet car body’s, rain on the windows, working window wipers, water droplets on the cameras, reflective puddles, drying race lines and massive rooster tails of spray water are a few of the effects used to create a very convincing wet weather setting.

To point this out, AdrianF1esp uploaded a video showing us a few laps in the Project CARS Formula A single seater on a very wet Monza track. This video features both cockpit view footage and TV camera replays.

Project CARS will be available on March 17 (USA) and March 20 (EUROPE) for PC, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. Project CARS will be released as a boxed retail version and as a digital download on the Steam platform.

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