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Project CARS In-Depth Pit-Box & Qualifying session

Project CARS In-Depth  Pit-Box

Project CARS In-Depth Pit-Box & Qualifying session

In this second episode of the Project CARS in-depth series, Slightly Mad Studios takes a look at the Pit-Box tab in Project CARS.

The video series explains some of the game modes and features of Project CARS. This time we home in on the Qualifying session and take a look at the tools you will need to plan your strategy. We check out features such as the Monitor, Pit Strategy Manager, and Tuning Setups before heading to the track in the Formula A at the Hockenheim circuit.

Project CARS will become available somewhere during May for the PC, Sony PlayStation 4, WiiU and Microsoft Xbox One. For the PC, Project CARS will be released as a boxed retail version and as a digital download on the Steam platform.

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