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Project CARS – Junior Build 206 available. Zonda R included.




Junior Build 206 available

Slightly Mad Studios have released the newest Junior build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title, giving everyone the chance to experience the newest content & features starting at just 10€.

The new build is highlighted by the addition of the brand new Zonda R, the first of three Paganis to be featured in Project CARS thanks to a partnership with Pagani that was announced yesterday.

Aside from the Zonda R, the new build also brings the brand new Harrison Pike Raceway oval and a first pass of the reworked Force Feedback system that will continue to be refined in the coming weeks among other features.

This build also marks the first time Junior members get to try the plenty of other content that has been added during the past four weeks, including:

  • The Caper Stock Car
  • The brand new Heusden track
  • The all new helmet camera feature
  • New versions of several cars & tracks
  • and much, much more…

Build 207 (4/5/12, Junior Member+) 

Known Issues: Artifact appears on the steering wheel of the Zonda when in a high speed crash.

  • Updated Fanatec CSW device ID and flipped operation of RPM lights to match latest version of the wheel
  • Added adjustment of aerodynamics influence while vehicle is in the air
  • Update various new profile defaults
  • Added new Bathurst HUD map
  • Stockcar_1990: All exterior mapped&textured, CPIT windscreen created, normals flipped,UV2 mapped, reflections texture added, user flag set .Some materials updates
  • Leonus 68 more robust driver back in(GT_classic) , changing gear animation added, roof camera position modified to show more of driver hands
  • Pagani Zonda R: pushrod positions matched to CAD. Fixes broken weight jacking effect of caster changes
  • Palmer JPLM: new suspension geometry for physics based on the model and photo references
  • Stockcar_1990: springs (front, rear) added
  • Pagani Zonda R: added custom liveries
  • BAC MONO: new liveries added
  • Added Zonda R 
  • Stockcar 90: checks/fixes + prepared export with finished chassis textures
  • Pagani logo added to splash screen
  • News ticker updated with Pagani info
  • Derby: Balanced textures to not look so washed out
  • New Stockcar export
  • New Derby exports

[EXPAND Read the full week release notes!]

Build 206 (3/5/12, Senior Manager)

  • First pass tweaks of the updated FFB to reasonably fit most vehicles until params are surfaced to the GUI
  • Per car FFB scaling reactivated
  • Add small amount of steering trail back to FFB, to weighten up understeer dropoff, and overall weight, a little
  • Re-add GUI tyre force modifier to per-car FFB formula. Also set defaults for this for all wheels to 100 (1.0, so no effect)
  • Fix for track select menu defaulting to right most layout instead of left
  • FFB: reduce base drag a little. More chance of oscillation but a better (more detailed) feel overall
  • Updated Fanatec CSW device ID and flipped operation of RPM lights to match latest version of the wheel
  • Asano LM11: Added missing AO to LODB and LODC, fixed missing damage to some parts; New export posted
  • BAC MONO: new liveries checked in
  • BAC MONO: new white rim
  • Rockford – Added Placeholder Kerb Textures for the oval
  • New AIW. Fixes cut track problems. Besos National
  • BAC MONO: added gold label color for livery#05
  • BAC MONO: new gold wheel
  • Harrison Pike speedway – Added tower building textures
  • Gumpert Apollo: camera positions and adjustment limits set. Fixed border issue on ambient shadow texture
  • Renamed oval to Harrison Pike Raceway 
  • Harrison Pike Raceway logo updated
  • Besos – new textures checked in
  • New Asano LM11 export
  • New Besos exports
  • New Loire exports
  • New Harrison Pike Raceway export

Build 205 (2/5/12, Senior Manager)

  • Reinstate driver/wheel speed shake effects.
  • Integrated memory leak fix in Participant Gen
  • First pass tweaks of the updated FFB to reasonably fit most vehicles until params are surfaced to the GUI
  • Vehicles Materials Library. Fix for bodywork carbon matte materials
  • Added first Glencairn HUD map texture
  • Enabled all cockpit animations (only if present). Reduce steering shakes amount
  • Scaling direction vector to increase range of angles that are "front" versus "side", and also fixes shadow calculation to take account of LOCK_Z – fixes odd shadow intersection issue on slopes
  • Added new Summerton HUD map
  • Alpha tweak for HUD map
  • New track map for HUD
  • Kart01, Kart02: updated animations for modified pedals, better fitting dirver seat
  • Max Kart01, Kart02 files with updated vehicle meshes(pedals, seat) and animations
  • Eagle Creek – new textures Poles 
  • Eagle Creek – new textures for fences and poles
  • Eagle Creek – New fences textures
  • Added Glencairn and Summerton co-ord’s
  • BAC Mono: corrected default gear ratios for 4th, 5th and 6th to website spec
  • New Kart 1 and 2 exports

Build 204 (1/5/12, Manager+)

  • Caterham R500: fixed headlights AO, draworder issue, interior Ultra detail setting
  • Besos autograss files checked in
  • Besos texture colour correction
  • Leonus 68 initial gear to animation
  • Caterham r500 animation review + initial gear to animation
  • Gunmpert apollo : review changes 1PV and 3Pv driver animations
  • Helmetview – adapted changes from GT to Formula and KART. Disabled modern helmet geometry for CLASSIC drivers
  • Helmetview – top part moved lower slightly (to touch screen upper corners in 720p)
  • Fixed compile error in skinned bodywork carbon shader
  • Added new Rouen HUD map
  • Added Rouen Short HUD map
  • Fixed incorrect fresnel value on both skinned and non-skinned carbon bodywork shaders
  • Remove special cameras from player cycle list
  • UpdateTool : Used to clean out the profile during patching
  • Added carbon specific "paint properties" function to allow proper handling of clear-coat colour
  • Kart02 – Adjusted pedals, fuel tank and radiator hose to better fit driver
  • Kart01 – Adjusted seat size and shape, pedals and gearlever to better fit the driver
  • Added Rouen co-ord’s into XML for HUD maps
  • Heusden – new texture
  • New Caterham export
  • New Besos exports
  • New Heusden



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