Project CARS – NEW BUILD 179 AVAILABLE. + Screens.


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With the past two weekly development builds of Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios have added no less than ten new tracks to their WMD-powered title.

There’s no slowing this week as Build 179 build introduces a brand new type of tracks to Project CARS, adding even more variety to the already rich-selection of tracks in the title.

The build introduces California Highway & Azure Coast, two point-to-point country tracks located in a stunningly beautiful setting. If you need a break from circuit racing, these tracks offer the perfect opportunity for a scenic drive.

Being around 20 kilometers in length and coming with a seemingly endless string of straights, bends, hairpins and crests, these tracks are the perfect location both for a relaxing drive or pushing your favorite car to the limit.

And if country tracks aren’t your thing, the new build has you covered as well as it also introduces a first version of Sakitto, a famous Asian racing venue in a very distinctive figure-8 layout.

Build 179 (23/3/12, Team Member+)

  • Updated UI with news ticker added
  • Test flag wavers added to Bologna
  • Improved ocean shader
  • Added metallic effects to Racer cars
  • New exports of California Highway and Azure Coast
  • New exports of Ariel Atoms
  • Added Sakitto track
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Build 178 (22/3/12, Senior Manager)

Add GUI/profile options to set race date
JPM Audio updates. Experimental settings to combat possible physics/audio disconnect
Quick Solo screen has now had a lick of paint to fit the extra options in
Connecticut Hill Textures updates for new materials
JPM New liveries, livery names
Reset car only allowed below 10mph
Moon cycle textures added; moon dome added
Environment audio for country road tracks added
Derby GP updated to support 64 car grid
Wisconsin Raceway updated to support 38 car grids
Added the extra environment sounds needed by the California Highway track
add tunnel verbs – further tweaks required
WIP Moon Movement. Code written to generate following information for the moon based on date
Track rotation offset is now setup, this means the tracks now orientate correctly to world space. i.e the sun should rise and fall exactly like google maps
Fix for car reset not working in practice mode on tracks with no pits yet
New GUMPERT export
New Leonus F86 export
Azure Coast added

Build 177 (21/3/12, Senior Manager)

Palmer: new cockpit display
Gumpert Apollo: WIP suspension animations and some minor bug fixing
New AIW. New raceline, 64 car grid and pits. Wisconsin Raceway
Tweaks to the brake power and heating. Trying to get the warm up about right Asano X4
Palmer: Merged in fixed tyres + UV mapped cockpit display
Asano LM11: fixed tread scrolling on all tyres
Leonus F77: fixed LODX tyre tread scrolling direction
Change to convolve shader to prevent bright sun from wiping out the whole thing – prevents odd flicker when sun comes in front of a wall etc
Fixed 1 errant cut track that was halfway across, causing some warnings at Besos
Fixed ugly popups of the trees in distance for the florence tracks
Prepared metallic effects for Palmer liveries
Palmer JPLM: cockpit exposure level set at 0.3
New Asano LM11 export
New Leonus F77 export
New Connecticut Hill exports
California Highway added

Build 176 (20/3/12, Manager+)

Removing static envMap location from the weather wtc files and moving it to be part of the track trd
Fixed cut tracks in first corner of Milan GP. Set grid sizes to 60 For both GP and short
New liveries for the Palmer
Fixed cut tracks where pulled onto track by recent corridor (left side only ) edits at Badenring
Palmer: New fonts + font fixes for CPIT display

Build 175 (19/3/12, Team Member +)

Implemented basic interpolation of physics actors to smooth out their visual movement
Fixed extreme case in computation of actor interpolation factor
Adjusted several places in code to use common instance of identity transform instead of creating a temporary new one
Disabled delayed switch off of actor modify bit.
DX11 multi-threaded deferred context rendering is now available with the command-line switch -dx11MT
Load/Save removed from F1 menu
Formula B 360 steering added
Formula B using paddle shifting
Cloud speeds reverted to 0.02
ToD bug fixing
Formula A: fixed custom liveries
Asano LM11: tweaked interior lighting
Gumpert: Fixed CPIT shift lights setup
Racer SR3/SR8 360 steering
Palmer: Added custom livery support
Overcast cockpit exposure upped a touch

Build 174 (16/3/12, Team Member +)


Shadowcontrol (DX11) multithreading fix
Bug fixes for missing forces and software effect mixer issues
Change default date to 22nd June
Fixed spawning on the grid from a practice/qualify session when no pit lane exists
App Support camera fix for crash when closing down the track camera manager
Readded rumble strip effect for gamepads and missing marble vibe
Added cockpit exposure interpolation factor to environment manager, to allow balancing between fully in-cockpit and fully external exposure settings
Debug menu functions added to allow in game control of cockpit exposure interpolation factor
Added in setup for Weather Descriptions
Fix for crash on exit, when exiting from in-game to desktop
Enable weather option
We now animate between weather conditions
Increased default gain for Logitech wheels
New setups for hazey and overcast. clear setup dusk tweaked
Added cam filesfor Jin Ding
Additional track logos/maps and login screen reverted back to the black diagonal background
Formula A: suspension animations
Formula A: Removed extra custom liveries
Racer: started CPIT optimization (10k polys cut), setup changes for display illumination
Cloud shadows slower
New Anhalt exports
New Badenring exports
New Besos exports
New Derby exports
New Florence exports
New Jin Din export
New Milan exports

Build 173 (15/3/12, Senior Manager)


FFB : Major update to integrate AJ’s Mz algorithm
Restored spawning of particle effects on impacts
DX11 core StretchRect helper made multithreading safe
Fix pit lane limiter enabing in free practice when the track does not have a pit lane
FFB stationary spring rewritten. Vehicle sets updated with stationary spring tweaker (new profile required)
Switched ROOF CAM to use higher res driver model
Changes to the dynamic weather system:
Enviroment Manager now takes inputs such as long , lat and date.
From this we now work out the suns Azmulth and Elevation from any place on Earth at any time.
The suns information now feeds into the Weather system to give us our weather state.
Our weather data keys are now keyed against the suns elevation based on if its rising or falling.
Note the date will tick when clock goes past midnight.
Milan and Rouen Short logos/maps added
Add grid position option to profile and GUI.
Added environment sounds to Bologna track
Activated patch profile deletion for 0173
New Atom exports
New Rouen exports
Milan GP and Short added

Build 172 (14/3/12, Senior Manager)

Latest FFB deadzone updates
Updating default gain for Logitech wheels. Copied some settings from G27 to Momo
Reworked DX11 MSAA handling of resolves
– fixes MSAA 2x DX11 corruption
– 4% perf increase in MSAA 4x
– 2% perf increase in MSAA 2x
Support for -1.0 -> 2.0 in AI min/max sliders to help extend range
Adjusted defaults for AI min/max sliders
New midday sky textures less cyan
UV seam in sky textures removed
Classic Driver back in the F68
New AIW with grid size of 36, 18 pit spots.. Calcualted fueluse, checked lines and corridors. TRD updated for new grid size at Badenring and Anhalt
Palmer JPLM: UV mapping fixes at the rear
New AIW’s with grid size of 36. Twekaed AI corridors and driving lines. Editied TRD’s for grid size of 36 at Badenring Historic and Besos
Fixed cut tracks being 1/3 the way across the track at the 3 waypoints near the end of the esses at Bathurst
New Ariel Atom 3 export
New Asano X4 export
New Asano LM11 export
New Northampton export
New Wisconsin Raceway export

Known Issue: Game asserts when exiting from the GUI

Build 171 (13/3/12, Manager+)

Bug fixes regarding wheel lock and circular deadzone
Windscreen reflection strength scaled up and made dynamic, so that as time of day changes it can adjust to match
Fix for ‘looking back’ camera incorrectly using the cockpit settings (when in the cockpit)
Fix leaking shadow rotation textures
Added cobbles terrain to cut track valid test
Added lods for kart tracks
Vehicles: ambient shadow update on all cars for larger projection area and set texture to read as linear instead of sRGB
Leonus F68 full 360 steering. Palmer JPLM pass1 animations
New physics pass on the Leonus 68
Updated all TRD’s with Longitude, Latitude and Timezone data
Fix for Dark Cockpit bug!
Skyrings now properly occlude the sun. (this means that as the sun dips behind this horizon it will fade off nicely)
Aries: New HUD Mini element
Formula A: added livery names
Palmer JPLM updated: animations, driver position, camera position
Racer: updated unlit display textures, new lit display textures added
Changed the intro background and top bar in preparation for further improvements
New Racer exports
New Palmer export
Annhalt GP and National added
Besos GP and National added
Florence GP and Short added

Build 170 (12/3/12, Senior Manager)

Removed two code asserts which were not necessary as they kicked in when loading cockpit meshes
Added support for concurrent competitions with different start/end times. Events are sorted into end time order and default view to the first available ‘open’ competition. Competitions are described by the server and can be locked down by car, track and forced default setup flag at this time. Basic work complete, refinement of GUI required, and car select system needs to be made available to the Events screen.
Competitions/Events: when the required content is not installed, allow the player to view the event details but display DLC text and disable relevant buttons to prevent participation.
Fixed bugs in PC session volume query to avoid disk space check on CDROM drives and avoid duplicate drive names
New liveries for Forumla A
Crowds/billboards and track textures updates
Fix for external cameras Racer engine audio
Added Palmer Jaguar to the game
Bologna Long Lat and Timezone settings adjustments
New modern Badenring exports

Build 169 (9/3/12, Team Member +)

Adjust grid placement percentages to 80% performance, 20% random
Fix in weather system for restarting a race
Adjusted minimum AI defaults
Fixes for cockpit steering wheel/driver arms anims during AI control and replay playback
HUD display: Fixed rpm bar background colour, added fuel readout
Fixed up Badenring grids and opponent counts
Corrected opponent count for Derby and Wisconsin
Added overall AI difficultly range based on place on grid using 60% position and 40% random to bias the field to stronger drivers at the front.
Removed applinks and data from the profile for old AI sliders
Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday’s stat reset
Reinstated use of phase 2 lighting data for trees – this allows headlights to cast onto them correctly
Caterham R500: LODA/B springs added
GUMPERT physics update
Constraint orientation of contact between vehicles is adjusted to help prevent scooping
Added a small range to AI driver minimum default sliders
New Caterham export
New Badenring historic export
New Belgium Forest export
New Loire exports
New Rouen export
Wisconsin Raceway added
Derby GP and National added

Build 168 (8/3/12, Senior Manager)

Input: Default menu centering spring strength reduced to 0.15 for Fanatec CSRE.
Random settings for AI settings based on min/max ranges
New ranges for AI character tweakers to allow a larger set of characterisations
AI opponents max set to 35 for new AIW. New AIW with working pitlane, 18 pit spots and 36 garage spots. New Line and corridor tweaking for AI at Bathurst
Belgian forest – performance update
Added updated tracklist and xmls for Rouen (raceline and trees)
New Badenring exports
New Bathurst exports
Rouen added
Badenring Historic added

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