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Slightly Mad Studios have released the newest weekly build of Project CARS, giving Junior members the chance to catch up with the developments of the past four weeks.

The new build is packed to the brim with new content,


Build 192 (12/4/12, Team Member+)


  • Fix for app worker thread not waiting for jobs to finish
  • Added helmet camera plus a few fancy wheel cams
  • Helmet Cam: Added look into yaw effect 
  • Allow seat adjustment in helmet view
  • Allow FOV change in helmet view
  • Fix for the transmission whine not working properly from some cameras until you cycled through the other cameras
  • Added a tweaker to optionally disable the helmet cam muffling effect
  • Sakitto texture updates
  • Heusden track added to the game
  • BAC Mono: added redline to RPM bar; BAC Mono: cockpit display changes
  • Racer: Added AO to all LOD
  • New Racer exports
  • New Sakitto exports
  • New Heusden export


[EXPAND Read the full week release notes!]

Build 191 (12/4/12, Senior Manager)

  • Monterey AIW – New raceline recorded for better AI speed. Fixes all problem corners
  • Asano x4 – increaded brake torque under peak temp
  • Characters – updated topology for crowds
  • Sakitto – added cameras, updated textures, grass and materials
  • Formula A: wider range of gear tuning options
  • New Sakitto exports

Build 190 (11/4/12, Senior Manager)

  • Better MLAA settings
  • New console profiles use bonnet camera by default
  • Fixed double drawing of windscreen on non-open-topped cars
  • Fix for PS3 steering wheel not turning
  • Added runtime support for SMAA: Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing
  • Default world movement to 30
  • Updated driving camera defaults
  • Added in m_windscreenReflectionScale values to weather conditions missing it. Added m_windscreenReflectionScale to currentstate info in tweak it
  • Fixed track-specific personal best received from the server when loading into an event race overwriting event-specific personal best. We display track-specific PBs on the loading screen for now, so they should be stored as those into the local profile. 
  • (This bug prevented improved times set on an event from being uploaded to the server unless they also beat the track-specific personal best set on the event’s track, in the event’s car)
  • When a new personal best is set during an event race, also update the track-specific leaderboard with the same time.
  • Wisconsin Raceway – Fixed Carrousel AI running wide off into grass problem. Gradually moved corridors in and reduced attempted AI speed at the critical point by 10%
  • Florence – Added support for 40 Cars. added 20 pit spots and 40 start spots. Updated TRD’s. (still need garages doors opened for garage support)
  • Activation button added on Gameplay SAVE button
  • GAMEPLAY screen now re-organized to work on consoles
  • Fixed splash screen UI data (removed activation keys from press start button)
  • Vehicles Materials Library. Added Flat Paint CPIT material
  • Dropped extra ambience/subwave channels from the X4 AI sounds on consoles, as the extra channels were causing dropouts
  • Updated windscreen reflection defaults
  • Updated night windscreen reflection settings for all conditions
  • Modified moon dome shader to scale the depth value down, as this is the "correct" way to do this. Fixing this stops the moon from flickering on 360. Tested on PC, looks fine, relevant code path is not used by PS3
  • Fixed grandstand placement at Chesterfield; added intial crowd sound
  • Added crowd env sound for: Belgian forest circuit and Bologna reverse
  • Added audio to Badenring tracks
  • Added brake duct setting to tuning menus
  • Removed colour scale from 360 if shader used on windscreens
  • Formula A: Livery name fixes
  • TweakIt Tool – Fix for international settings affecting parsing of data sent from the game
  • New Formula A and B exports
  • New Wisconsin export

Build 189 (6/4/12, Junior Member+)

  • Further tweak to camera behaviour when world movement is off
  • Fixed tire materials (wrong textures assigned)
  • Moravia autograss added
  • Formula A: added contest winning liveries]
  • Back out CL 212069 (tyre force multi and tyre grip multi reductions) and reinstate previous values
  • New Asano X4 export
  • New Monterey export
  • New Moravia export
  • New Sakitto exports

Build 188 (5/4/12, Senior Manager)


  • DX11 Commandlist state saving optimisation. (-dx11MT)
  • (the renderer now correctly tracks state between/during commandlist execution – meaning that we no longer need to save and restore DX11 state, which was adding overhead to each call)
  • Set G-Force effect default to 60
  • Add exit to desktop custom message handling to dialogues
  • All cars: tyre specular textures updated to go with shader changes
  • Palmer: fixed matellic liveries alpha channel
  • Palmer: checks/fixes, new light billboards, textured chassis meshes cloned for CPIT
  • Formula A – LODBs finished
  • Added track data files for Moravia
  • Leonus68: review changes + changed driver animations to work with F1_classic rig
  • HDR Mode text changed to fit column
  • Loading screen updated to match FE
  • Can now cycle through all options using TAB
  • Exit button tidied
  • New Formula A export
  • New Palmer JPLM export
  • New Moravia export
  • New Sakitto exports

Build 187 (4/4/12, Senior Manager)


  • Spotlights checked in for Connecticut hill tracks
  • Gumpert Apollo: damage replacements configured for Ultra detail
  • Add rgb components for emissive lighting
  • FormulaA – WIP LOD, A done B almost done
  • New lightmap setup for self illuminated objects
  • BAC Mono: enabled custom liveries
  • Lightmap for the night lighted advertboards
  • Added TweakIT tool installation/shortcuts
  • New Asano LM11 export
  • New BAC Mono export
  • New GUMPERT apollo export
  • New Connecticut exports
  • New Monterey export

Build 186 (3/4/12, Manager+)


  • Avoid crash when restoring lap section after going off-track when insufficient data points exist
  • Fix for sun rise and sun set being 180 degress out
  • Improved the color banding on the adverts
  • FFB: reduced vehicle tyre force multi and tyre grip multi params to between 10 and 15 % of original values as proposed by WMD members
  • Kart 1, Formula B animations
  • Kart 1 physics: Changes to load sensitivity and base grip : Less load sens, less base grip and some speed sens added…. Also some AI grip changes for better turn in
  • New Cheterfield AIW with new raceline and many corner tweaks to slow the AI karts to aviod going off track
  • New detail tweaks to the BAC Mono. Weight bias moved to 43/57 some grip increase with speed sensitivity added. Other chassis balance changes to suit the weight bias change
  • Tyre shaders and material updates on cars; modified tyres shader with fresnel and diffuse reduction
  • Asano TDX: fixed a typo in the rear slow rebound settings
  • Skyring texture and shader changes for emissive lights on skyrings at night
  • TweakIT tool added to the game
  • New Formula B export
  • New Leonus F68 export
  • New Azure Coast exports
  • New Bologna exports
  • New Connecticut Hill exports

Build 185 (2/4/12, Senior Manager)


  • BAC Mono: tire grip bias moves a few % to the rear
  • Fix for diffuse multipler being applied to opacity as well as colour
  • FormulaA – WIP LODs
  • added optional fresnel to overlay.fx
  • new skyrring textures for Bologna
  • Lock out tracks not supported based on server versions
  • Skyrings can now have tweakable emissive lighting
  • JPLM texture updates
  • California Highway: new exports



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