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Project Cars PRO Available As B2B Product

Project Cars PRO Available As B2B Product

Project Cars PRO Available As B2B Product

Back in November 2018, we posted that Slightly Mad Studios, presented their professional version of Project CARS which was in development to become a marketing media tool for the automotive industry.

Now SMS officially has launched its new Business to Business platform an published a set of videos explaining why Project CARS Pro is perfectly adapted to the bespoke needs of professional customers.

Product Features:

  • Extensive cars and tracks offer a wide and varied choice for operators and clients.
  • Best-in-class car handling, physics, and graphics.
  • Customizable content to suit all customer tastes, experience- and skill levels.
  • Manage session duration with ease.
  • Customizable settings for weather, seasons, driver assists, and time of day.
  • Convenient scale-up from a single pod solution to multiple pods.
  • LAN multiplayer for venues with multiple pod availability.
  • All major steering wheels supported, including direct drive.
  • Motion seat platforms support.
  • Triple-screen support.
  • Retail and commercial VR headset support: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed-Reality, OpenVR, and more.
  • Optional: ‘Command Station’ and events management software for tournaments.
  • Optional: Third-party apps support, venue management systems, telemetry software, cashless payments software, and more.
  • Optional: Custom UI branding and in-game trackside advertising.
  • Race weekend format.
  • Driver assists.
  • Race rules.
  • Weather, time-of-day, and all 4 seasons.
  • Standings and scoring.
  • And more…

Press Release:

Slightly Mad Studios and subsidiary ioTech Studios are excited to announce the launch of Project CARS Pro, an exclusively business-to-business-developed product created from the best-selling Project CARS AAA-racing-game franchise and designed for public venues, location-based entertainment centres, and events.

Project CARS Pro is a game changer in the LBE space. Built around the world’s ultimate AAA-racing franchise, it comes fully-loaded with best-in-class visuals, gameplay, content, VR, and customizable settings to cater for every possible skill level and demographic.

Project CARS Pro has been designed from the ground-up around the needs of professional customers and partners to offer the precise solutions needed in today’s competitive LBE arena right out of the box.

“We spent a lot of time listening and talking to our partners and clients before we built Project CARS Pro,” said Stephen Viljoen, COO at Slightly Mad Studios. “What we came away with was a keen sense of what they needed from a professional software product, and we went ahead and built Project CARS Pro around those exact needs.”

Project CARS Pro will allow LBE operators and customers to calibrate game modes, presets, and difficulty levels to customer-required levels with a simple once-in-the-morning procedure. The UI and the UX have also been designed to allow practically anyone to operate the software. Content-wise, licensees will have access to the very best from a franchise that boasts many of the world’s elite cars and tracks.

“Tech-wise, Project CARS Pro will support LAN multiplayer, triple-screens, retail and commercial VR headsets, and will come with a simple event-management-system for smaller venues, along with a class-leading broadcast mode,” said Nima Azarmgin, COO at ioTech. “Customers will also have the choice of getting Project CARS Pro directly from a dedicated cloud space. This is a crucial element since our professional partners will no longer have to rely on Steam to run their commercial software.”

Project CARS Pro is also available as a fully-customizable software solution for wider professional applications that can be tailor-made according to customers’ specific requirements—anything from purpose-built cars and tracks to branding.

“With Project CARS Pro, our professional customers will now also have a product perfectly adapted to their bespoke needs,” said Nima Azarmgin.

“Project CARS Pro is really a game-changer in the LBE space,” said Stephen Viljoen. “Aside from all the best-in-class technology and gameplay and content, the product will free venue operators from having to spend their time running the software and allow them to focus on what matters most—their customers. And as we know, satisfied customers is one of the key ingredients to successful LBE venues.”

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