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Project CARS – Rain effects (Video by DigiProst)

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Project CARS – Rain effects (Video by DigiProst)

Some Sim Racers seem to like it, while others don’t, but lets face it. Slightly Mad Studios have raised the bar when it comes to Racing game visuals. The detail of the models, the moving car parts, the extensive visual damage model, and the real time effects make this title a must for pixel junkies.

What has amazed us the most, is the performance of the Madness game engine. If you take the amount of visual innovations into account, it becomes apparent that the game engine is one of the most powerful out there. The engine is handling the physics and the ultra high model details and textures, and is combining that with a very detailed audio engine, while plastering the game with post effects. It is almost unbelievable that the game still manages to hit a decent frame rate on a regular Gaming PC, but it does.

Even the effects on its own have reached a new level. Slightly Mad Studios succeeded in creating the most convincing wet weather effects we have seen in a Sim/ Racing Game up and till now. DigiProst uploaded a video to show non WDM members how far the bar was raised when it comes to Rain effects in-game. Next to the PC the title will also be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. The next-gen consoles seem to handle the visuals without a problem.

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