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Project Cars Time and Weather 24h time-laps

Project CARS

Project Cars Time and Weather 24h time-laps

Alex Zuotoski created a quality time-lapse video showcasing the day to night and dynamic weather system in Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios.In this video, you can see an ongoing endurance race at the Brands Hatch circuit. The video shows us a 60 time accelerated 24-hour sequence.

It’s ironic, that within the sim racing community many out there do not rate Project Cars as a simulation. Yet, it is the only new-gen title that will be able to accurately simulate a detailed 24 Hour environment including high-quality weather and track effects including a realistically drying race line, track particles and esthetic animated details.

With a bit of luck, Project CARS will become available somewhere during May for the PC, Sony PlayStation 4, WiiU and Microsoft Xbox One. For the PC, Project CARS will be released as a boxed retail version and as a digital download on the Steam platform.

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