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To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, E3 games convention, and the start of Summer, we’re happy to announce the Thrustmaster Hot Lap Competition where YOU can potentially drive away with an amazing T500 RS wheel/pedal combo and a TH8 RS shifter!

The Thrustmaster T500 RS is Thrustmaster’s newest top of the line steering wheel, introducing several innovative new features to the racing game world.

The wheel is made of durable materials such as brushed metal and comes with advanced features such as 1080 degree steering and unrivaled precision thanks to Thrustmaster’s H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology that offers 65536 values on the steering axis using a contactless magnet sensor.

The fast-paced response is enriched by strong and detailed Force Feedback effects provided by dual belt-driven motors.

The T500 RS pedal set offers another innovation as the pedals can be used both in the standard way and inverted (hanging pedals) simply by flipping the pedal unit. Aside from that, the pedals are also fully adjustable and come with an optional “Realistic Brake” mod.

The TH8 RS Shifter is the perfect addition to the T500 RS as it combines a 7+1 & a sequential shifting unit.

Just like the wheel, the shifter is also using Thrustmaster’s H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate technology for maximum precision.

The shifter is made of highly-durable metal and offers a maximum of customization options as users are free to adjust tension, stroke & deadzone via hardware & software adjustments.

The TH8 RS works with every PC simulation that supports multiple controllers, it’s connected via USB and requires no driver or software installation to work.

As with our other Weekly Events, the Thrustmaster Hot Lap Competition is open to all WMD community members for one week (June 1st – 8th) Simply hit the Events page in-game to play 

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest build and start competing now!

Good luck out there! The Slightly Mad team will be setting times too so try and beat them also!





Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel

Thrustmaster TH8 RS Shifter

(compatible with PS3, PC)

Palmer Jaguar JP-LM
(setups allowed)

Sakitto GP

One week
(starting 1st June 2012 12pm UTC)

Check out for more info –