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Project CARS Xbox One preview video

Project CARS Xbox One

Project CARS – Xbox One preview video

OutsideXbox published a video showing us some exclusive 1080p gameplay video footage captured from a near-final Xbox One version of Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios.

We have seen plenty of PC and PlayStation 4 videos floating around the web, but there has been a lack of Xbox One footage. From the looks of it, the Xbox One version is nearing completion and seems to run at a very solid framerate. On the console, Project Cars will go head to head with Forza Motorsport on the Xbox and Gran Turismo 6 on the PS4. With features such as day to night transitions, and Slightly Mad’s stunning dynamic weather system, Pcars might become the new king in town.

Project CARS will become available somewhere during May for the PC, Sony PlayStation 4, WiiU and Microsoft Xbox One. For the PC, Project CARS will be released as a boxed retail version and as a digital download on the Steam platform.

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