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ProSimu  – New PRS200 Actuators Up for Pre-Order

ProSimu  - New PRS200 Actuators Up for Pre-Order

ProSimu  – New PRS200 Actuators Up for Pre-Order

The French company made quite a name for themselves with their popular ProSimu T1000 motion simulator which is available as a 2, 3, 4 or 5 DOF configuration.

While the current Dyadic brand motion hardware already performed brilliantly, ProSimu set out to make things even better. They now proudly presents the new high-end PRS200 actuators which take the ProSimu motion simulator experience to the next level.

With motion simulators, speed and latency are everything and the PRS-200 actuators put out some pretty impressive performance numbers. The new PRS-200 actuators are able to lift no less than 200 kg per unit, at 280mm/s which is more than enough to be used for full chassis motion at a rapid simulation speed. The PRS-200 actuators are available in 3 versions featuring a 100mm, 150mm, or 200mm stroke.

The ProSimu PRS200 actuators are currently on pre-order at a very competitive launch price starting at €5400 (excl Tax) for a set of four (100mm) PRS 200 actuators. The first units are scheduled to be shipped during May 2018. The PRS200 actuators have a 26000 Hours lifecycle and come with a 2 Year Limited Warranty.

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ProSimu PRS200 actuators  ProSimu PRS200 actuators

ProSimu PRS200 actuators