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ProSimu T1000 2DOF Motion Simulator Build

ProSimu T1000 2DOF Motion Simulator Build

A full motion simulator is probably the most desirable piece of kit on the wishlist of many hardcore sim racers in their everlasting search for more immersion. Brands such as SimXperience and CXC Simulations have revolutionized the design and introduced the personal Motion Racing Simulator to both the home user and professional.  Whilst no motion simulation system could be considered inexpensive,  some brands offer a setup that is within home users reach.

The French ProSimu company, owned by Patrick Kubieniec manufacturers the compact ProSimu T1000 motion sim. The rig is available in several versions and can be purchased as a 2, 3, 4 or 5 DOF configuration.

Crash of RTA Motorsports ordered himself a ProSimu T1000 2DOF motion simulator. It took him about 5 hours to unbox and build the rig. After completing his build, Crash strapped on his VR headset to test the ProSimu motion rig using the Assetto Corsa racing simulator software. In this video, he shares his initial thoughts.

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