Qubic System – QS-BT1 Dual-Channel Direct-Drive Belt Tensioner Revealed

Qubic System - QS-BT1 Dual-Channel Direct-Drive Belt Tensioner Revealed

Since 2009, the Polish Motion System company designed, developed, built, and assembled a variety of modular, durable, and high-performing motion technology solutions for the professional market. Back in May 2021, Motion Systems introduced the Qubic System sub-brand aiming to bring the experience and product quality of the Motion Systems company to the demanding sim racing enthusiast.

Recently, Qubic System revealed its new QS-BT1 Dual-Channel, Direct-Drive Belt Tensioner, adding even more immersion to their (or your) already impressive motion system solutions.

Qubic System said: Driven by the same technology as the breathtaking QS-220 and QS-210, the QS-BT1 is a multi-purpose, dual channel, direct drive seat belt tensioner that increases sim racing immersion like no other device in its class. It can complete not only force feedback offered by direct drive wheels but also move up the level of overall experience offered by already really immersive QS motion platforms and if needed, it can even act as a standalone independent device.

Simulation of braking, lateral accelerations, high-speed cornering, wheel locks, and traction loss are among the list of primary features of QS-BT1. Asymmetrical engine vibrations and road surface effects like rumble strips are also available for games that support them and despite being designed mainly for sim racing applications, with its 200 N of force per channel, QS-BT1 can also successfully be used in flight simulators, to make you feel gigantic forces during high G maneuvers.

The QS-BT1 Dual-Channel, Direct-Drive Belt Tensioner is scheduled for a Q1 2024 release. I will keep you posted when more details and pricing info become available.

Official Webpages – qubicsystem.com

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