R-Racing RS5 Wheel Review By The SRG

R-Racing RS5 Wheel Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the RS5 Custom GT and Open wheel car wheel rim by R-Racing.

The RS5 wheel is a 305mm diameter GT/Prototype wheel rim build up around a 4mm carbon fiber wheel plate, which is equipped with 10 APEM push buttons and 2 CTS rotary encoders.

On the electronics side of things, the RS5 wheel uses a custom circuit board combined with the well-known Leo Bodnar USB conversion board.

On the back of the wheel we find a set of magnetic shifter switches, operated by 4mm thick carbon fiber paddles. The back of the rim, and the used electronics, are covered by a 3D printed housing.

The grips of the wheel rim are wrapped using an Alcantara-like material, but can also be ordered featuring a suede leather finish.

The R-Racing RS5 wheel rim can be ordered via the official R-Racing website for $519.99 + Shipping.

R-Racing RS5 Wheel



  • 305mm Diameter
  • 70mm Bolt Pattern
  • 4mm Carbon Fiber Front Plate
  • 3D Printed Rear Enclosure
  • 3D Printed Rotary Encoder Knobs


  • R Racing Anodized Aluminum with IP67 switches rated up to one million cycles
  • 4mm Carbon Fiber Paddles


  • 70A Shore Polyurethane Rubber Grips
  • Wrapped with synthetic suede, similar to Alcantara


  • Leo Bodnar Controller Board
  • Genuine Apem Push Buttons
  • Genuine CTS Rotary Encoders
  • Detachable 3m(10ft) Coiled USB Cable(4 Pin DIN Connector) with ferrite bead 


  • Weight: 825g
  • Includes 3 M5 bolts and locknuts
  • Stickers can be customized to your liking
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