RaceRoom – BMW M4 GT3 Livery Previews

RaceRoom – BMW M4 GT3 Livery Previews
RaceRoom – BMW M4 GT3

KW Studios is getting ready to release the BMW M4 GT3 for its RacerRoom Racing Experience title.

After teasing us with a few pictures of the game model wearing its default BMW Motorsport livery, they have now shared a set of screenshots showcasing the in-game BMW M4 GT3 with a selection of the liveries that will be included in the DLC pack that will become available next week.

The new screenshots were accompanied by a nice write-up introducing the BMW M4 GT3.

KW Studios Quote:

We introduced Raceroom’s new formal content release plan for 2023 off the back of last month’s On The Edge pack, which has proved to be super popular. Next up on the roadmap is an intermediary release between our bigger quarterly packs: we present the mighty BMW M4 GT3, due for launch next week.

BMW has a history of creating sledgehammer GT3s. They just don’t do ‘just enough’ when ‘all-in’ is an option. Back in 2009, BMW Alpina’s supertanker-size B6 GT3 dwarfed pretty much everything else on track, its supercharged V8 delivering a unique rasp. The factory Z4 GT3 that followed took what was a pretty compact pseudo-roadster on the street and bolted on planet-side fenders and aero to make a low-slung Batmobile of a racer that stood out from the pack: it too carried a rumbling V8 that meant you heard it coming before you saw it.

2016’s M6 GT3 was hardly a shrinking violet: again BMW opted for one of the larger cars in its range, still stuffed with V8 power. Over the last decade, BMW’s GT3 racers have delivered 24-hour endurance wins at Spa, the Nürburgring, and Dubai, and a huge number of victories in international championships. The Z4 alone counted for 67 race or class wins in 12 major series!

This all meant the M4 GT3 had a lot to live up to when it was launched last year: so it won the Dubai 24 Hours at the start of 2023, so it wouldn’t feel out of place with its older sisters. And M4s also came third and fourth… So, the new BMW, the same as the old one, from the point of view of its competitors. M4s are competing all around the world, from IMSA through DTM to Super GT: and now you’ll be able to drive them in Raceroom!

The M4 GT3 is powered by a throaty 3-liter straight six, dialed up to 11 by twin turbos. In the typically vague parlance of GT3 manufacturers, it delivers ‘up to 590hp’: which is plenty, believe us. The gearbox is an Xtrac six-speed sequential with an electro-hydraulic clutch.

Its suspension is provided by KW’s Competition department, developed at their headquarters in Germany. The 4-way adjustable racing dampers use solid piston designs so the damper liquid doesn’t overflow the working piston – and that enables a much larger force range than normal as well as more control for the driver, no matter the conditions.

The M4 GT3 adds to our already super strong GT3 field, which stretches back across a decade of this fantastic class (and includes all the previous BMW models). There are more contemporary GT3s to come in the near future, with the 992 911 GT3 R joining the fray at the beginning of July.

This release will also include two other important development updates. There will be an evolution to our GT3 physics, paying close attention to the balance of performance, power-to-weight ratios, downforce/drag, and other general performance indicators. We are also introducing a new FFB linearity update, which will be more dynamic and will allow us to tune the forces on a per-car basis. It should make all the cars feel more grounded and solid to drive, particularly at low speeds. It will make the existing FFB Linearity slider obsolete, so that will be removed with the update.

The core RaceRoom Racing Experience racing simulator is free for all and can be installed from this Steam link. Commercial add-ons are available in the RaceRoom Store.

Official Webpages – game.raceroom.comsector3studios.com