RaceRoom – Brand New Force Feedback System Coming

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RaceRoom Force Feedback update

This month, Sector3 Studios will deploy the June update for its RaceRoom Racing Experience title. While we will have to wait for the full list of features, and improvement, until release day, Sector 3 Studios has already unveiled some important changes.

The coming update will feature a completely new Force Feedback System that has been coded from scratch. Furthermore, the development team also created a new FFB User Interface which will make it easier and more intuitive to dial in the FFB settings.

Sector 3 stated that all calculations in the new Force Feedback system are physics-based. The system will factor in the individual steering geometry of a car, leading to more unique feedback behavior between different cars. Also, all tyre forces, including the gyroscopic effects, and tyre contact patch movement will be taken into account.

Players will only be able to adjust the crucial parameters, while setting up a particular steering wheel, leading to a more diverse, and hopefully more realistic FFB behaviour.

No exact release date was shared, but as we have learned in the past, for Sector 3 Studios, #Soon really means soon.

The core RaceRoom Racing Experience racing simulator is free for all and can be installed from this Steam link. Commercial add-ons are available in the RaceRoom Store.

Official Webpages – game.raceroom.comsector3studios.com

RaceRoom Force Feedback UI update