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RaceRoom Coming To Sim Racing System (SRS)

RaceRoom Coming To Sim Racing System (SRS)

In a relatively short time span, Sim Racing System (SRS) has become a very popular third-party online racing tool featuring a structured racing schedule and a ranking tool such as the one we all know from the iRacing online service. Currently, SRS mainly caters for Assetto Corsa, Automobilista and rFactor 2 users, but will soon be expanded to support more platforms.

On February 25, the popular RaceRoom Racing Experience title by Sector3 Studios will be added to the SRS racing service portfolio. RaceRoom fans will be able to use the SRS ranking and matchmaking system to compete in various RaceRoom series on an hourly basis.

Check out the official SRS website for detailed instructions, needed apps, and the latest racing schedule.

Sim Racing System or SRS, in short, is designed from the ground up to allow sim racers, from all across the globe, to enjoy some of their favorite sims on a regular basis, in a fair environment. Initially designed as a tool to reduce the workload of league management, SRS quickly developed into what it is today, a 24/7 fully automated online competition system with races every hour. In order to use the Sim Racing System, you need to own a valid license of at least one of the supported titles, a valid Sim Racing System website account, and the appropriate tools installed.

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