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RaceRoom – KTM Licence announced

RaceRoom - KTM Licence announced

RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR

RaceRoom – KTM Licence announced

Sector3 Studios announced that they have obtained a license to bring the Austrian KTM brand into RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Besides the KTM race car models, Sector3 Studios will also introduce a special event in collaboration with KTM. Worldwide, the contenders of the event will have a chance to win a drive in the real car at a real track. More details will be unveiled later on.

By the looks of the included images, we will not have to wait long before we will see the first model appear in RaceRoom. Sector3 Studios supplied plenty of screenshots showing us the highly accurate KTM X-Bow RR model created by Karsten Borchers. The car model is already in-game and looks as good as ready.


RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR  RaceRoom KTM X-Bow RR


The RaceRoom development team were pleased that KTM provided them with an overwhelming amount of data regarding the suspension model and tires. This provided data will also be beneficial for future RaceRoom productions.

Karsten Borchers said:

Suspension: You have the option between 3 springs. 70, 80, 90 in the front, and 100, 120, 140 in the rear. Add to that 5 Anti-Roll bar settings, front and rear. The default damper settings are set to KTM specs. You have the usual camber and toe adjustments accessible.


Transmission: It is using actual gear-ratios, except we had to cheat a little for the 5th and 6th gears so they use a final ratio rather than a dynamic solution where both can use different finals.
The differential is not adjustable.


Aerodynamics: Regarding downforce, you have 3 options for that small wing in your back. The lowest setting will allow you to reach the top speed of 249kph while the highest setting will reduce your top speed to 241kph.


Shifting: The engine has very strong low end torque, and its shift point is around 6800-7000. The Shift light comes on at 6800. That means you will not be using the first two gears very often but instead make the high torque work for you.


Tires: The compound used by KTM in the X-Battle is a very hard one, and you will not be getting much wear from them. It is common to use a single set of tires for a full week-end.
Good to note that we’re using a new heating / cooling model for this one.
It is slightly more friction based now, and if your tires run cold, you just aren’t going quick enough.
If the front is going hot and the rear cold, you should look into adjusting your driving and stop ploughing into the corners and instead shift the weight around some more. You will notice that on some tracks it will be hard to get temperatures up while on others you will struggle to keep them low enough.


Brakes: A lot of work went into the brakes, changing the way we have been doing them in the past. They now bite a lot more, and dont cool/heat as fast as you’re used to. Default pressure is now 90%, and you can go down to 75% if you wish. Now do not panic about that. You are free to run 100%, but you will have to modulate the brakes a lot more, and you cant just slam them, because they will lock instantly.
The brake bias can be adjusted in 0.5 increments, and you can go as far as 55% rear, if you so desire.The brakefade range has been increased a lot. Optimal temperature is 450 celcius, and at 50c or 850c you will only have 89% braking power. You might find that on some tracks, like Norisring, you cannot just keep braking at the minimum brake distance lap after lap. They will run hot quite fast!

KTM X-Bow RR Specifications:

  • Mid-engine open two seater
  • Carbon composite monocoque
  • Audi 2.0 TFSI. Turbo-charged 4-cylinder.
  • 360hp @ 6800rpm
  • 500Nm @ 3600 rpm
  • 6 speed manual
  • Redline @ 7500rpm
  • Shift point @ 6800-7000rpm
  • 40-liter fuel cell
  • 790kg (dry weight)
  • 37/63 weight distribution
  • 250 kg+ downforce at 200 kph
  • 200/610-17 & 240/640-18 slicks
  • Steering defaults are 792 degrees of rotation with a 25 degrees steering lock


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