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RaceRoom – New Update Available – Build 5460372

RaceRoom - New Update Available - Build 5460372

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RaceRoom – New Update Available – Build 5460372

Sector3 Studios deployed a 5.7 GB update for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title improving a selection of features and content.

This new update also adds the WTCR Lada Vesta touring car and two of its liveries to the free for all RaceRoom content. The car is playable in all WTCR car classes.

Furthermore, Sector3 Studios improved the already impressive sounds of RaceRoom racing simulator including improved backfire behavior, brake disk whine improvements, and new fuel pump and gravel samples. The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car audio features brand new sound recordings.

Last but not least, this update also prepared content for the upcoming DTM 2020 competitions. The actual public release date of the 2020 Audi and BMW DTM cars has yet to be announced.

Update details:

  • Download size = 5.7 GB
  • Client version =
  • Client BuildID = 5460372
  • Dedi version = 66.0.1184
  • Dedi BuildID = 5462272



  • Lada Vesta is now free to play with 2 liveries, playable against WTCR car classes.
  • Prepared content for upcoming DTM 2020 competitions.
  • Sounds – Cockpit cameras now feature backfire samples specific to the interior of the car, bringing extra life and vibrance.
  • Sounds – New lot of samples for backfires and made their patterns richer. The amount of backfire is car dependant and much more diverse than before.
  • Sounds – Brake disk whine samples volume is now affected by the brake disk temperature. New recordings of brake whines for GT cars.
  • Sounds – New fuel pump samples.
  • Sounds – New gravel sound samples.
  • Sounds – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup – New sound recordings.
  • Drag Reduction System and Push to Pass are now split into two unique control bindings.
  • Added a key binding for FFB Multiplier, allowing to adjust this setting from inside the car.
  • Moved some old HUD overlays to the butterHUD system (Traction Control, Brake Bias).
  • Disabled the in-game screenshot capture system, as it caused conflicts with and was inferior in quality to Steam’s own screenshot capturing. Visit your Steam client settings menu to bind a key and select a folder for your screenshots.
  • Changed so the graphics_options.xml located in your Documents folder now contains variable names, making it easier to edit some settings through notepad.
  • Dedicated server – Scheduler – Improvements to handling of different time zones between the browser and the host machine.
  • AI – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup + Sprint – Tweaks to improve their handling of slow turns.
  • AI – DEKRA Lausitzring – Fixed AI braking later than the pit lane entrance gate..
  • AI – Dubai – Fixed some broken waypoint that was causing AI’s to stop driving.
  • AI – Nordschleife – Calmed down some AI’s around the Adenauer forest.
  • Art – DEKRA Lausitzring – Fixed the sudden disappearance of certain track objects while sitting in the gravel in turns 8 and 10.
  • Art – Sachsenring – Updates to bring it to 2020 visuals.
  • Art – Spa-Francorchamps – Updates to bring it to 2020 visuals.
  • Renamed Mazda Laguna Seca into Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca.


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