RaceRoom Racing Experience BMW license – First up BMW 320 Turbo Gr 5.




SimBin Licenced a selection of BMW cars for use in their RaceRoom Racing Experience Sim.  First up will be the BMW 320 Turbo Gruppe 5. 

Insider.SimBin Quote:

So now it is time, after a period of silence from the licensing department, to get back in the groove again with some exciting license announcements!

SimBin Studios is happy to announce that they have reached an agreement with BMW AG. RRR-E will feature a selection of BMWs covering their great achievements in motorsport over the years.

We thought it would be nice to kick-off with a much anticipated all-time classic that everyone should/would/will want to drive!

BMW 320 Turbo Gr5

With a Turbo charged 4-cylinder 2.0L, allowing for nearly 300 BHP per liter, that comes to a total of a whopping 600 BHP for a car that only weighs around 870 KG. This car needs some delicate manhandling!



RaceRoom Racing Experience  BMW license  – First up BMW 320 Turbo Gr 5.

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