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RaceRoom Racing Experience – BMW M3 E30 Licenced.



Simbin added the BMW M3 E30 to their allready impressive licence package for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

In their own words… As car fanatics and game developers it is Simbin´s pleasure to recreate racing icons like the E30.

Simbin Quote:

The year 1986 was not short on history making adventure. It was a tremendous year for racing and technological advancement the world over. The Australian Grand Prix would see Williams teammates Nelson Piquet, and Nigel Mansell defeated by Alain Prost’s Mclaren to take the FIA Formula One World Championship. A then 35-year-old Dale Earnhardt would secure his second NASCAR Winston Cup Series Championship, his first while driving the number three car, two years before signing with GM Goodwrench. The Treaty of Canterbury was signed making the Chunnel a reality, and a company called Microsoft moved to Redmond, Washington just before going public.

In the midst of all the events that took place in 1986, there was another technological advancement which owns a place among these historical moments, it was the BMW M3 E30. Purpose built for racing by BMW Motorsport, the required 5,000 production units produced at BMW’s Munich factory were sold with little effort and the BMW M3 E30 was ready to begin one hugely remarkable racing career.

The BMW M3 E30 won the inagural World Touring Car Championship in 1987. It was powered by an F1 tested 4-cylinder engine, and raced by private teams, including Zakspeed. Italian driver Roberto Ravaglia drove the Schnitzer Motorsport M3 and earned the driver’s Championship victory while earning a second driver’s Championship for himself and BMW that year behind the wheel of his BMW 635CSI in the European Touring Car Championship. While BMW was terrorizing the competition on the asphalt, another M3 hit the dirt to claim victory the 1987 WRC Tour de Corse.

The BMW M3 E30 would go on to claim countless wins, on and off the tarmac, in racing series all over the globe. Of its many successes, what may be the most impressive accomplishment of this classic is the way it has captured the hearts of car lovers everywhere.

Whether it’s the M3’s racing pedigree, its autocross capabilities, or its fun driving presence as a tangible piece of racing history, the BMW M3 E30 is a car recognized and appreciated by casual car lovers, shade tree mechanics, and aspiring race drivers alike.

As car fanatics and game developers it is our pleasure to recreate racing icons like the E30, and it makes us feel like proud parents when we say we have obtained the BMW M3 E30 license. What is becoming increasingly rare in the real world will soon be waiting for you in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Scheduled for release within the next two weeks, the BMW M3 E30 will be available to try for free during special Easter weekend challenges. During this time we invite you to take a test drive in the M3, grab the wheel and connect with nearly three decades driving success!




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