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RaceRoom Racing Experience – BMW M3 GT2 coming.


Simbin Quote:

It is time to add another car to our Bavarian license! Today we announce the addition of the BMW M3 GT2. This multiple race winning car is the predecessor of the just announced BMW Z4 GTE, which is based on the BMW Z4 GT3. A car you can race in RaceRoom Racing Experience! The original BMW M3 GT2 was released to the racing “public” in 2009. And received its final mechanical and aerodynamics update during the 2011/2012 season, before being replaced by the new BMW Z4 GTE.

Powerd by the BMW 4.0 V8 it provides a nice 450+ BHP to its rear wheels. Weighing around 1245 KG in full race spec, the widebody kit makes this a very good looking BMW M3.

 Carbon fiber body kit, full race spec engine and body work, and engine systems tuned to near perfection, this is a thoroughbred race car!

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